Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Purple RAK from Enjoli...

WOW...what a wonderful surprise I received in the mail was my RAK from Enjoli! I love purple and she was so sweet to make me a tote bag, card and note pad...look at the hello kitty...she has a purple flower too =) thank you so much for all my goodies! I love my gift...
and what was even better...I received all these goodies inside the tote bag! I am truly blessed to have a friend like Enjoli! thank you from the bottom of my heart =) I appreciate the kind and caring gesture and I enjoy the friendship!
happy "hump" day everyone!



Wow! Looks like a loot! Hey, before I make the tut, what is your largest scallop circle? a nestie or marvy giga punch?


Hi Joy! You're so lucky to have great friends like Enjoli and Michelle....and they're lucky to have you as one as well! The totes are so cute, I'll have to attempt one later.

Re: your question about the polka dots on Hello Kitty, Cheryl had die cut a smaller piece in the darker blue and we had to cut out the polka dots and stick them on the light blue dress. Hope this helps!

Enjoli Bennett

Hi Joy!! Thanks for sharing this gift set! =) I'm happy you liked it! I'll be seeing you soon! TTYL!


WOW, what a great RAK.


Okay, Joy... you guys are kiling me with these HK, they're just adorable and how lucky are you :)

BTW, thanks for asking about the house, i really didn't want to say anything until i get it. They accepted the offer but i guess i'll wait until they give me the keys...i can't wait :)

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