Monday, November 21, 2011


I don't have any crafting pictures to share with you today, but I do have some final pictures of my living space. I am slowly moving in and getting rid of so much stuff! Amazing what you keep over the years and now you wonder why you did? lol! But I know some of you are anxious in seeing what it looks like. I shared these pics on FB so it may be familiar to some of you.
I am so glad that the renovations...for the most part is done. here's a picture of my living area which doesn't have anything moved in yet, but my room is now filled.
here is my kitchen. I finally have a defined kitchen! I just got a microwave and am now looking for a refrigerator. so if anyone knows a good deal...please let me know! I hope that over the holidays there will be a good sale!
here's my closet. It' s pretty spacious one. I love it! It's packed with so much clothes, crafts and other things. I can fit so many things inside and I still can stand inside it and close it. hahaha!
and's my lovely bathroom! I love it because it's really big now! I have a wonderful shower and so much space! still waiting for my closet to be built, but hopefully that comes soon.
Have a wonderful week everyone! Be good to yourself and take time to see the beauty around you! Take care :)

Be Blessed,

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Birthday Girl...

Well can you believe I am posting again?! haha! This is my very first card since my renovations. This past weekend we just celebrated a dear friend's "21st" birthday and so I had to make her a card. Her favorite color is blue and I wanted to make it special and different. So of course I had to go to Mama's blog to juice up my inspirations. I saw this on her blog a little while ago and wanted to give it a try. She called it a telescope tag/card. You can check out her post here. she has the links to where she got her inspiration from. I decided to use my lacey nesties for the outside and I just bought a new nesties for the largest circle called: Picot Edge Circles. It really is elegant.
Here's what the telescope tag/card looks like once it's opened. I decided to use TGF birthday Anya II for her card. She's so cute and I love the cupcake too! I attached the telescope tag to a card so that I could write something to her. It was pretty easy to make and I really enjoyed trying this new creation.
here's a picture of the birthday girl! for those of you who know her...can you tell what's different about her? lol. Doesn't she look fabulous?!
Well have a wonderful week. I hope to be creating more soon. Until next time...have fun and make every moment count!

Be Blessed,

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Halloween Treats...2011


I know that I am so late in posting this, but I finally took pictures of the last of my treats that I turned into purses. These belong to the ladies on my co-ed team, but because of rain and APEC, we haven't had a game in 3 weeks! So it must have been a blessing, so that I could take pictures of my creation! lol! I went down to J's to see what I could find and found these cute DPs and I also bought the CS to match. I ended up making at least 40 of these!

I used all the new supplies I bought while my crafting stuff was stored away. for the inside of the bag I used the bag #2 XL die (found that one in my stored box). for the shape and the outside of my bag/purse I used my new nesties: reversed wonky rectangles. love it! I also bought a few of those self adhesive half dots (in black and orange) to decorate the closure of the purse. the purse is held closed by a mini velcro dot that you can get at Wal-Mart. is my first post in a long time! I am slowly moving things in and having access to my craft things. that was the first thing I set! As I take my time to move in to my new renovated room, I will also have more time to craft. thank you for your support and for sticking by me through this long process. I hope to start creating on a regular basis soon! take care! I hope to stop by and check out your creations too...soon!

Be Blessed,

Friday, November 4, 2011

Ali'iolani Craft Fair...2011

Hello Everyone...long time no post! I have missed all of you. my renovations are finally done and I am now starting the new phase of moving back in. I have decided to take my time and get rid of all my "hoarding" junk! lol! But I just wanted to let you know that I am still around and that we (a few dear friends) will be at the Ali'iolani Craft Fair tomorrow...Saturday, Nov 5, 2011 from 8 am to 2 pm, so if you have a chance stop by and say HI :) I have no pictures to share with you yet, but I will be back on the wagon in no time...I HOPE! thanks for sticking around and for all your encouragement and support. It is greatly appreciated! Big Hugs~ Be Blessed,

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