Monday, October 13, 2008

Checkbook cover w/ Shaker box Tutorial...

here is my first bear with me gang...
I decided to make a hello kitty checkbook cover
with a shaker box.
the supplies you will need:
designer paper
plastic window
check book cover
corner rounder
double sided tape
double sided foam tape
coluzzle (or something to make your window with)
big shot or a machine that can cut your die
hello kitty die or whatever you choose for your picture
here I chose pretty in pink cardstock
6 1/4" is the width and 6 3/4" is the height

you need to use the corner rounder so that the paper will fit in your checkbook cover
I have a big shot and used it to cut the hello kitty die I am using only the hello kitty head of the sitting hello kitty die
here is what it looks like once it's finished...I had to cut black cardstock for the whiskers and saffron for the nose and designer paper for the bow

I have a coluzzle and used it to make my window
depending on the size of your picture...the window can be either bigger or smaller, but remember what you are making it for so that it will fit...either for a checkbook cover, card or whatever you are adding your shaker box to
make sure your plastic window is a little bigger than the opening...
make sure your foam tape touches at all four corners
this is what is sealing in your beads, glitter or whatever you choose to make your box shake!

I chose to use the chunky glitter from SU for my shaker box

you need to peel off the backing of the tape first
before adding your glitter or beads...
this will help you keep the glitter in the middle
and not getting it stuck all over the place

I used white cardstock for the backing of the hello kitty head...I had to measure the cardstock to cover the opening of the shaker box. this one was 4 1/4" width x 3 1/4" height. I stamped it with pretty in pink ink with swirls

so I added the picture to the shaker box

make sure you measure the designer paper to be a little bigger than your design because you have to fold the edges over on the back so it gives it a finished look.

here I added the hello kitty shaker box to my cardstock and then I added that to the plastic checkbook cover. there you's done!

I hope you could follow along and make one too. this was fun and I love sharing my ideas with you too. have a good Monday!



Oh Joy that creation of yours is Super... I love it.. I love Hello Kitty specially all the pink ones... hehehe. That was a great tutorial I just wish I had a big shot and that beautiful Hello kitty die... hehehehe

Michelle Ueligitone

Great job on your first tutorial! I have been home just crafting too. Almost done with the 3x3 cards for the Hello Kitty boxes. Talk to you later!

Michelle Ueligitone

Great job on your first tutorial! I have been home just crafting too. Almost done with the 3x3 cards for the Hello Kitty boxes. Talk to you later!

Ethan Mashimo

way cute!!

knowing me if i made a shaker box for my checkbook cover -- the beads would get loose!!!



Very cute, great tutorial, thanks for sharing.

Enjoli Bennett

Great job on the tutorial!! I love it! =) TFS.


Thanks for sharing - haven't made one of these yet - not even a shaker box either.


Love the tutorial Joy! Can't wait for your next one!! I love these checkbook covers, I used mines to death!


WOW WOW WOW -- this is FANTASTIC!!!!!!


Joy, this is gorgeous!
You know we love Hello Kitty most especially my oldest daughter, she love all the blues. I'm sure she's going crazy if she see your blog :) lol. Thank you for sharing!


I ran across your blog when I saw it listed on the referral list on My blog!! Thank you so much for adding me to your blog roll. I will add you to mine, too!
I have a question...where can I get that Hello Kitty die? I did google search for "Hello Kitty Die" and some scary stuff came up!! Anyway, I live in on the "main land" in Florida. Is there somewhere on-line that I can order it? Thank you so much! My daughter is a HUGE Hello Kitty fan!
~Lacey Stephens


Very nice post.Its a great tutorial.Thanks for sharing.
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Melisa Marzett

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