Friday, June 19, 2009

Desktop post-it-note holder tutorial...

here I go...I promised a tutorial on my desktop post-it-note holder...this is how I make it and others may find it easier to do it a different way...I just wanted to share the instructions of how I make it with you! So, first you will need a 4x6 plastic can buy these at Longs...they do go on sale for really cheap! you can purchase the ones that are vertical or horizontal. the CS is 4x6 and the DP is 3 1/2 x 5 1/2. you can use the 3 x 3 post-it-notes, flowers for the top, dew drops if you want to add them and your sitting image.
so take your CS as your base and tape down your DP to it.
here you will insert the CS w/ DP inside the front of the frame.
this is what it will look like once it's inserted.. must put double stick tape on the back of your post-it-note before you stick it down...this will insure that your post it will stick to the frame =) this one's for you "K"! I know you know who you!
here's what it looks like once it's taped down on the front...
you can use anything to decorate your frame...I used the natural flowers. I also used the fabri-tac to stick them down...this glue is exactly like a hot glue gun, but without the heat and never having to worry about burning yourself in the process. Just hold the flowers down for about 30 seconds and it should be stuck down.
you can place them where ever you want to...I do them like this, but leave a little space on the top so you can add your image to it.
here I used the double stick foam can make it as long as you like but remember that it must be hidden behind your image. I used 3 layers of the double stick foam tape, so that my image is up above the flowers and it gives it a look like she's sitting among the flowers =)
this time I decided to use a sitting Tilda! she's sitting among the flowers!
I added my dew drops to the corner...
here's the up close of what Tilda looks like...sitting in the flowers =)
okay gang...was that easy or what?! now you go out there and create, create, create! I used my copics to color this sitting the base flowers from Roses on Paper, the other flowers from other stores...if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask! well, thanks for stopping by today...yipee!!! it's FRIDAY! have a great weekend everyone! my tutorial will be posted on my sidebar for future reference...under tutorials!



Cute project! Thanks for sharing the tutorial. Have a nice weekend :)


Thanks Joy for the tutorial, that is so pretty, love that Tilda!!


Thanks for this great tutorial, Joy! I guess "K" told you about what happened, huh? Hahahah! That sure was funny!!! Have a wonderful weekend, Girl! TTYL.


Oh, okay, just make fun of your "challenged" friends! LOL! Thanks for the tutorial and if only I knew about the double stick take, then I wouldn't have gotten yelled at by YOU KNOW WHO!!! Have a great weekend!

Big Hugs,


Thanks for your detailed tutorial. Should be easy to follow but, as you know, I am somewhat challenged. Ha-ha. Have a great weekend!!!

Islander Girl

Awww thanks for the tutorial! I love your Post-It Note holders!!!!

Have a great weekend!


Thanks for sharing your tutorial! LOVE IT! I can't wait to try it this weekend!!! :)


great tutorial! my mom just loves to make those things!!


Great tutorial Joy! =) I love how you added the flowers and the stamped image to the top. I will have to try it that way. =) Hope you have a great weekend!


Hey Joy - great tutorial!!! She will love it!!!!



aloha joy, thank you for todays tutorial. i love all your art work and crafty ideas! my daughter will be turning 3 and she has choosen to have dragonflies as her theme. I need soon ideas for favors and decorations if any thank you:o}


Lovely post-it note holder for your friend "K" (hi Kyoko!). You should have also put sticky tape on the bottom of the frame so she can keep it "anchored" to her desk (just kidding!!!!) You did a very good job with this pictorial, Joy! I truly enjoyed it and you know what? I learned something about putting that foam tape on the top for the image. Great job. Cami


Very cute project, Joy! Thank you!

P.S. I am mailing your prize today! : )


Very cute Joy!!! Someone gave me one of these several years ago of course with a different design on it. Great tutorial!!!

Pineapple Cove

Thanks so much for sharing!! Love that you used a plastic frame which makes it easy to replace the post-it pad once it runs out.



Another beautiful post it note holder, thanks for the great tutorial!


Hey Joy! I made one of these after I saw your tutorial! I love it!!! I started it to give as a gift, but I love it so much, I'm keeping it, lol!!! You can see it on my blog later today. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

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