Friday, September 5, 2008

5" x 11" designer bags...

So I decided to try to make the designer bags,
but with my own sizing...
I thought about how I could use all of the
designer paper without wasting.
so I tried...5" x 11" for the bag and 1" for the border.
that equals 6" and you can make 2 bags
with a 12"x 12" paper!
Voila! there you have it!
I made 2 bags...
one for a surprise RAK and one for a co-worker's daughter...

I wanted to share this with my co-worker's daughter...
her name is Julie.
so I made her this one.
A mermaid from punches and with red hair!
just like daughter's favorite princess!

I filled it with more nips candy...

made my own circle scallop tag to top it off.

here is the one I made for someone...a surprise RAK...

I used groovy guava for this mermaid's hair.

Here's what the filler looks like...I love that candy!

I hope she likes it when she finally receives it =)

thanks for stopping by today and

have a wonderful weekend!


Jen Young

Love these, Joy!! You've put them punches to good use - and love those lil' purses!! Have a wonderful weekend!



Very creative, love those mermaids! I need to try one of those bags.

Michelle Ueligitone

Hey Joy,
These came out so cute! Really like the mermaid on there. Talk to you later!


Jennifer Muraoka

CUTE! I love what you did with those punches. I'm gonna have to share this with the SU gals. Thanks for another inspirational project!

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