Friday, November 14, 2008

Diaper Fold Pouch...

I found a tutorial for the diaper fold pouch on split coast stampers today and I wanted to try make it and give them as gifts. If you want to see the can find it here. This pouch uses 1 - 12 x 12 designer paper. You fold it diagonally in half (so it looks like a triangle), then take the corner and cross it over the middle and then do it for the other corner. then you fold one layer from the top triangle down and you are done! You can fill it with whatever will fit. The pouch doesn't open too big, but it will fit a few cute things to give as a gift.
I tried to make different sizes...this one is made with 8 x 8 designer paper
this one I tried it with 6 x 6 designer paper...
you can decorate with whatever you choose...I decided to use the hello kitty because everyone seems to like her and the smallest diaper pouch I used the snowman from little dreamer designs by Nancy Kubo. If you want to see what they have to offer, you can click here and it will take you right to their website. all you have to do is purchase the ones you like, pay, once they send you an email confirmation you can go back in and download the graphics. I think it's better that you save it on your hard drive and then you can have access to it whenever you want to use them.

thanks for stopping by today!
thank goodness it's FRIDAY!!
have a great weekend and take care!



I love this cute little pouch! The kitty is so cute as always and I just love the snowman!!


Your Hello Kitty designs are always so cute and so meticulously done.


OMG!!!!! these are so cute!!!!! you really do some amazing stuff with your HK's!!! I'll have to try this project!


Joy, these are great. I love all your Hello Kitty ideas. Have a nice weekend.


These are just so cute!! I love shrinking things down, it becomes even cuter!! =)


It's very nice!! Thanks for showing us =)

Shannon McGann

That is just adorable! I love the Hello Kitty!


OMGosh, my list of "Things I Must Try" is just getting longer. These are too cute.


These are just precious!!

Patrick and Grace

Hello! You are so crafty and talented. I have some questions about the hello kitty projects you made. Please email me at Thanks so much!

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