Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hello Kitty w/ Pumpkin & RAK...

I saw this cute hello kitty w/ pumpkin stuff animal being sold at the Sanrio store...if you spent $35 or more you could get this for $5. but Kaneohe Longs is having a sale right now and I got it for a great deal! Isn't she so cute?! I had to get her for my daughter and for my BFF's daughter too =) They will just love it! and perfect timing for Halloween!What a surprise...Denise stopped by and dropped off a little gift for my daughter. She was so happy to receive such a gift. Look at all the cute bees and it's pink w/ black. the pencils were inside! If you don't know my daughter...she loves paper and pens, pencils, markers or anything to draw or write with. She was truly thrilled.

thank you so much Denise for thinking of us.
if you have a chance go check her out...Denise loves stamps
you are so sweet to always think of Taelyn.

have a good "hump" day everyone!



Cute Hello Kitty, the girls will be happy. Tell Taelyn I said Hi.


Hi Joy! I didn't know that Longs was practically giving away those Hello Kitty's!!! I saw them and wanted one! Thanks for giving me the heads up!

We should "dive" into Copics together, I just started and got only about 10 so far!

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