Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hello Kitty, Soccer ball & Cupcake Tree...

These pictures don't do justice to what the actual tree looks like. this is my special tree for my BFF. I know that her favorite colors are pink and brown, she loves hello kitty, loves playing soccer and loves cupcakes as well. so I thought why not combine them all and put them on a tree. I spent a lot of time on this tree. lots of love went into making it just right. I wanted the tree to be full of everything Michelle loves!
I used actual hello kitty ornaments sold at Ben Franklin, but I also used hello kitty erasers, hello kitty toppers off of candy, a hello kitty magnet for the top of the tree and can you see those tiny purses? those tiny erasers came in them.
I got a soccer ball from Frieda, my boss, but I loved them so much, I had to go buy more at Flora Dec and add a couple more soccer balls to the tree. I also used soccer ball erasers, cupcake decor. as well as cupcake erasers as well. I used brown and pink ribbon, white branch fillers to make the tree look much fuller, pink and silver ball ornaments and silver and pink berry bunches. In the picture it looks a little messy, but in reality, I think it came out pretty sweet! I hope you all enjoyed my tree decorations. I don't think I'll be taking up this craft any time soon. I love making them, but they do take up precious time and lots of money...and you know if I can spend it on more crafts supplies?!...need I say more?!
Have a great Thursday everyone!



What a sweet friend you are, and she will LOVE it!! I LOVE it too--it's Hello Kitty and pink! =)
Great job JOY!!



Enjoli Bennett

OMG Joy!! That is such a cute tree! I love it! You are sooo creative.=) TFS!


OMG, is this the sweetest Christmas tree i've seen. Love it, Joy. You did a wonderful job.


Joy, this tree is BEAUTIFUL!!! I am sure Michelle will treasure it. You are so creative.

Michelle Ueligitone

Thank you so much Joy! I love it soooooooooo much! I can't believe you did all that for me. I am so lucky and blessed to have you as my bff! It is sitting on the kitchen counter for all to see, and trust me, I will make everyone look at it, lol! Our Anya stamps were in the mailbox when I got home, so I will give you them on Saturday. Thanks again Joy, you truly are the bestest friend that anyone could ask for.


OMG!!! Joy, that is such a lovely gift for your bestest friend! So---cute! I need to make one like that for our home since we don't have room for a real tree. Thanks for sharing.


What a super cute tree and pink too! I don't think Nolan would like if I substituted this for a real tree huh?!

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