Monday, November 17, 2008

Anything but a card...

My new boss at work is into making beautiful trees. She chooses her colors and decorates them to her liking. Well she got me suckered into trying to make my own. so here's what I came up with for my daughter's 3rd grade teacher for Christmas this year. I know she loves pink, so I decided to make a pink and gold tree. I couldn't find too many pink decorations, so this is what I came up with. I have apple a day, keeps the ___ away?! I found presents, golden pears, some gold and pink ball ornaments and all other goodies that I could find to make the tree full! I used the mega scallop circle and the jumbo circle punch to make the topper of the tree. I printed out what I wanted it to say and there it is! I tried my best. This is truly harder than it looks and it can be very costly. thank goodness this one wasn't. Everything on this tree came in bunches and it was so Ben Franklin. So tell me what you think...please. Have a great Monday everyone! it's only the start of the week!

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Michelle Ueligitone

Hey Joy! Love the tree, was it hard to make? Sorry to hear that you gals lost today. Wish I could have been there/ know. See you Tuesday!


Hi Joy..
Lorie From Pearl City here visiting your blog today
*smile* I am having such a great time visiting blogs from my own hometown lol. I found you through the feedjit that was showing all the Pearl City blogs.
I was blessed to find yours and I am enjoying my time looking around. I do crafts myself, and you all are just motivating me to bust out all my craft items from my closet lol.God Bless Lorie


Very Beautiful!


Hi Joy,
I think your tree is beautiful!!!!!
Love it! And your blog is great, I enjoy seeing all your Hello Kitty stuffs!



I love the Christmas holidays, more so, for what it truly represents. If there is anything that can place one, into the spirit, it's the Nativity settings, the Christmas carols, and the beautiful trees. You've nailed this one. The tree is gorgeous. I love the elegance of it. How blessed is your daughter's teacher, to receive it. Nice, nice, job!

BTW...thanks so much for entering and linking my blog candy. I really, really appreciate it!!! It's been fun. My girls are getting a kick out of it. My
husband, as well. It's neato!!!

Anyway, have a very blessed day in Jesus and TTYS!

Islander Girl

What a lucky teacher!!! I think the tree is so cute and I love that you decorated in pink! Great job!

Enjoli Bennett

Hi Joy!! Thanks sooooo much for all of the goodies! You and Michelle are the most sweetest! =) This pink tree is super cute! Love how it turned out! =)


Hi Joy! Your tree turned out so beautiful! Your daughter's teacher is so lucky.


Joy, not sure if you know but they just hired me to teach part-time at your daughters school...LOL! ADORABLE :)


I just LOVE your pink tree!! It looks so professional! Did the decorating bug rub off from Frieda? Great job!!


Oh, this is so pretty. Your daughter's teacher is so-o-o lucky to have creative parents like you! I'm sure she will treasure it for many Christmases to come!

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