Friday, November 21, 2008

Blog Award from Jodi...

Thank you so much Jodi from Inked Inspirations! you are so sweet, kind and thoughtful to think of me! I am truly blessed to have you as my friend in this blog world! I am always inspired by you and all your creative ideas...thank you for sharing this wonderful award with me! So, now I must pass this on to 5 more inspirational blogs...I love all the blogs I let me step out and choose some that I have been inspired by lately...1) Patty - (Patty's stamping spot) 2) Jean - (Dandelion Designs) 3) Angie - (Chic n' Scratch) 4) Catherine - (Inksomnia) 5) Dawn - (All Pink Girl)...I am truly inspired by more than thank you all who inspire me on a daily basis...I am truly blessed to have wonderful sisters in all of you! Thank you! I was just can I not send one to my's to you too Michelle!
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