Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shaker beads...

I'm sorry if you are tired of seeing my shaker boxes =)
here's my last box made with shaker microbeads. I just stamped the short moose in this window and I added lots of beads! if you go to J's...he has brought in so much microbeads and all in different colors by MS. its in a great container where you can just turn it over and shake out the beads from the top. then when you are done you can just cap can see that I love this new Box #3 that I got! I love making it! it's really big and can hold so many things inside! happy hump day...Enjoy the day! thanks so much for stopping by =)



Such a fun shaker box Joy!!!


I bought the box from J's too after seeing your creations - love it! You're shaker queen, Joy.


Hey Joy,
Never tired seeing your creations! Love your "shaker" projects!


Love seeing your shaker are definitely the QUEEN...TFS...have an awesome day..


Never tire of seeing wonderful craftsmanship! :) Hope you're having a great day . . . see that you posted at 3a in the morning!

Shirley N

I feel happy when I visit your blog, Joy--never tire of your music and seeing your beautiful work! Cute shaker box--gotta try it one day. Thanks for the inspiration. Happy Holidays!


love this shaker box too! the image is super cute!


There she goes, our shaker card/box queen! Love this, Joy! That little moose is so cute! Don't ever think we don't want to see another shaker something! LOL! Hugs, Cami


Wow I love how you made this box into a shaker. I need to go to J and get me some beads and that box die. I love it! Adorable image,what company is that moose from.? TFS!


Great shaker project Joy! You make awesome shaker projects! Love seeing them! :) Have a great day!


Love all of your shaker boxes!! Cute elf! I had to buy some of those beads too!!


Hi Joy,

Love your shakers! So cute! I'm not tired of them at all! I can't wait to go and buy some microbeads. Hope you're having a great week.


Michelle U

This is too darn cute! I love mine! See you this weekend!


This shaaker box is adorable, Joy! I can never get tired of seeing you make and share them...I just keep of these days I want to make one too! I just wish I had as much energy as you to create all these cute stuff!

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