Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween RAKs...

Happy November! can you believe that the year is almost over? oh my! I wanted to share a few RAKs I received from dear friends...this first one is from Joni~she is so sweet to think of us! she sent my daughter some goodies too...but as you can see my daughter took all her stuff, so I only have my stuff to share =) thank you so much Joni!here's some awesome stuff from Kris! she sent her care package all the way from Maui! look at the cute card I received with all my goodies!
here's my daughter's RAK from cute! love the card that the girls created too! Kris and are too generous! thank you for always thinking of us!
last, but not least...these are my goodies from Lacey. I tried out for her DT and didn't make it, but she sent me some stamps any way. how thoughtful of her! I even got some charms too! Thank you so much Lacey!
Happy Monday everyone...this is our first week that we will start our furlough Fridays! so it will be a short week for me and my daughter. I have some sad news to of my soccer girls that I used to coach...her mother just passed away...she was only 37 years old! Please remember to love each other and let them know just how much...Life is just too short not to!


Lacey Stephens

I am glad you received your package! Have fun with them! Sorry to hear about your friend's mom. That is so young and so sad. My prayers go out to her family.


Joy, These are awesome RAKs that you received from these ladies! Hope you and Taelyn had a great Halloween!! I am so sorry to hear about your friend's mom, she was really young. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
Take care!
Jodi =)


Ooh! Totally awesome RAKs Joy! So sorry to hear about your friend's mom's passing. Life is too short. Enjoy each day.
Big hugs to you and Taelyn!


Hi Joy! Love all your RAKs! I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's Mom. I feel their pain...



Alright Joy!!! great RAKs... just a little something from your extended Maui family! LOL... hope you can use the goodies... =D hugs to Taelyn! hope you both had a WONDERFUL Halloween! hugs, Kris

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