Saturday, November 7, 2009

Love and Support to the Kawelo family...

***if you make a card...if you can make it for the girls and write something to them...they are the ones who need it the most...thank you =)***
My dear friends~
I am asking for your help in showing a dear sweet family your love, kindness and compassion by making a homemade sympathy card to give to them. Keoni (husband), Kaila and Leiah (daughters) of Susan Kawelo who passed away on October 19th...she was one of my soccer girl's mother. at the age of only 37...she went to be with the Lord.
If you would like to make a card for the Kawelo show your support and love...please mail them to me by Saturday Nov. 7th...I can then forward it to them at the funeral. The funeral is set for Saturday, Nov 7th at 5 pm at the Nuuanu Memorial Park & Mortuary.
I know it's such short notice, but if you have time to make one, please do so, if not...don't worry.
you can email me and I can send you my address.
Mahalo nui loa...
God bless you~Joy
Susan...we love you!



Joy, this really brings tears to my eyes for this family in the early loss of their beloved mother and wife. I will try to get a card out to you tomorrow. Hugs, Cami

Lacey Stephens

Oh how very sad! I won't be able to get a card done in time, but I will search my stash tonight and get one in the mail. I already have your address. Thank you for doing this for the family.


OMG, I want to cry!!! I feel so sad for the family. Losing a loved one is so hard. I will be sending you a card for them tomorrow.

Huggies to you and Taelyn!


I feel so terrible for this young family and have included them in my daily prayers.

Islander Girl

OMG, this is so sad! I got goosebumps, or as you HI people say "chicken skin". Anyhow, I'd like to make some cards, but I won't be able to meet your deadline, can I still make some and send to you after my fair?


Joy this is so sad, just to see how young this family is too. I will send my card to you tomorrow and hope it gets to you by Saturday.

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