Monday, November 23, 2009

Special order...

As I didn't get a chance to make a lot of things...I know...I'm a procrastinator and make my stuff at the very last minute...I had a few orders to fill and they wanted it by the next day. so I finished the craft fair and went home to make more! here is one of the custom she wanted specific designs on the front.
here's one of them that she wanted...Rain...this is a very cute image!
here's another order...a shaker checkbook cover...
this last one wanted the Hello Kitty shaker checkbook cover...
whew! I'm done! I am happy with how things turned out. thank you everyone who come to visit me and leave me sweet comments. I am also grateful that you came to the craft fair to support us. It really means a lot to me. If you see something that you want and I can help you by making it for you...please let me know. If I have the time...I will be more than happy to make it =)



Oh my goodness Joy, your creations are super duper gorgeous!!!!! You are so creative and inspiring!


These are fantastic!!!

~amy~ are one busy girl!!!! Great job on the custom order!!! Have a super week!!


The rain image you used in the mini composition book is super duper cute. You are very accommodating - I hope your customers were very satified!


Awesome creations! Thanks for sharing! Have a great week :)


Beautiful!!! glad you gals had fun at the craft fair!! the things you created were all beautiful!!! hope you had a fabulous weekend and hope you have fantastic day! hugs, Kris

Michelle U

So cute Joy! I just bought that #2 die, isn't that funny. Like I literally ordered it last night at like 9pm. If I only waited till today, oh wells. Hopefully someone else will enjoy it. See you tomorrow!


Very very cute!! I am not surprised everything you made sold out and you have special orders!!! You are very creative and talented!! :) Have a great day!


wow, you've been a pretty busy girl haven't you? great items! hope you get a chance to rest . . .

joni h

you are the best! so inspiring! I'm lucky if I get my okole in gear and do one project! see you Sunday!


These are terrific Joy!! Love your adorable creations!
Jodi =)


What great projects! You're on a roll!


Every one of these are so cute, Joy! You make so many cute things, it's no wonder they would sell out fast and you'd get special orders for more! Love this! I don't know how you can make things so fast! But, that's you and you always create wonderful things! Cami




Rollin', rollin', rollin'. Gotta keep on rollin' ... talk about being on a roll! Girlfriend, you are one awesome chickie! Love all your creations! See you soon!

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