Tuesday, November 17, 2009

HGEA Craft Fair items...

I finally got a move on and made a few things for the craft fair...yay! here are some coaster notepads. I used a 4 x 4 coaster, DP, medium binder clip and a 3 x 3 notepad. I decided to decorate it with the Hello Kitty face and added a flower to the middle of her bow. I bought these mini pens a while back from Price Busters...thought it would be cute to add it.
so here is what a single one looks like up close...I haven't made these HK faces in a long time...but using cardboard for the face was difficult to cut...but it really came out cute.

here are my shaker checkbook covers w/ matching pens...I decided to use the CC designs of the swiss pixies digis because I could make them to the size I wanted and they were sitting =)

here is one of my shaker checkbook covers...I made this one brown w/ yellow...I have pink, blue, green, yellow, purple and red...

here is another one...I used all different kinds of DP...used my coluzzle for the window...colored them with my copics...stamped the CS and added all different color microbeads for the shaker.

I am hoping that it will sell...if you are in the area...come stop by and say HI! it will be good to see familiar faces =) so I have a two part question for you...if you were to purchase one of these items, how much would you be willing to pay for each? let me know...and then tell me how much I will be selling it for...I will have a prize to give away to the first comment that is correct. thanks for stopping by today! have a wonderful Tuesday =)



super cute craft fair projects Joy!!! I'm so horrible at pricing..I think I price stuff too high..

Kirsten Alicia

They are gorgeous! I hope you sell all of them.

Michelle U

Wow you have been busy! Hmmm....it is so hard to figure out prices for me too. Those shakers should be a lot cause of all the work. The post it note holders, um...maybe like $4? Don't know, cause it comes with the pen, so maybe $5? I don't know. Too hard, lol. So I can meet you at J's today if you like. I am going to drop Amara and my mother-in-law off at her hula at 4 and then will head into town. I'll call you. TTYL!


Great projects Joy! I would charge $4-$5 for post it note & about $10 for checkbook? I know you will do well no matter what you price them at, they are beautiful!!


Those are great! I luv the checkbook covers! The notepads I'd buy for $4, but I'd say you'll probably sell for $5. The checkbook cover I would buy for $10, only because I've bought them for that amount every other year (2 yr. calendar). And I bet you're selling for $10 too. Whatever it is, they are absolutely GORGEOUS! Good luck at the craft fair.


So cute items! I'm not good at pricing. I would be willing to pay for the post it note holders $6 and for the checkbook cover $10.


you were quite busy everything came out awesome...the post it note holder probably $5 and the checkbook cover $12....I know you will do great TFS


i'm new to this pricing thing too but the post it note would sell fast @ $3 but to be safe go $5; the checkbook cover is adorable and should go fast @$6 but to be safe go $8! have a good one...


I love all your things for the craft fair! Looks like a lot of work! Good luck!


Cute items ... that's what I miss about not working in downtown. $5 for post it note and $12 for checkbook cover.


ok, so first of all, those notepad holders is just ADORABLE... 2nd, those checkbook covers totally rock and 3rd, thanks for posting my blog candy... =D okay now to answer your ??s... hmm that's hard considering the time you spent on them... but, i would buy the notepad at $4, think you should sell it for $5 or 2/$8 (discount option usually always works)... and the checkbook covers i'd buy at $7-8 but you should sell for $8-10 or 2/$12-14... =D have fun at the craft fair tomorrow!!! hugs, Kris

Paper Kisses

Wow Joy you have been one busy bee! I love all of your items and I know they will sell fast! I'm not good at pricing either but I'd pay what ever price you were asking cause they are just adorable! Good luck at the craft fair girl! And don't forget to let us know how you did!


I would go as high as $6 for the HK and $8 for the covers, considering that everyone is going thru furlough Friday. But, I might just be saying that so that I can be the first one in line and buy it all before everyone else gets there! Lol.


Woohoo! I'm so jealous! I'm still working ... see you soon! I'm sure you'll sell out! Great job!


Hi Joy! Looks like you've been busy! I've been super busy too. All of these items are so cute!! =) I'm sure you will sell out. How about $5-6 for the notepads and $8-9 for the checkbook holder? Yes, I agree w/ Janis. Hope you have a great week. Hugs, Enjoli

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Oh my... you really have been busy! Super cute stuff!!! I'm sure it will all be gone in no time.


These projects are sooo fun Joy!!
They turned out great!

Islander Girl

Wow you did a lot! I hope you sell them all! I'd say $4.50 - $5. BTW, they're all so cute!!!


These are all just adorable Joy! I am sure that you will sell out of all of them!
Jodi =)


Wow, wow, wow!!! Your coasters and shaker checkbook covers are out of this world cute Joy! I don't know what the going price is in your area, but I say $5.00 is a fair price for the coasters and $7.00 for the checkbook covers. Good luck at the craft sale and I love the new look of your blog!


love how you attached the small pen to the coasters. Great idea!

joni h

gotta love HK! she makes anything look cute! my fav is that purple/green DP! your shaker checkbooks are awesome! hope you sold out!

donna mikasa

Those shaker checkbook covers are awesome! I've never seen anything like that before....must be fun to write checks with that as your cover!


Wow,I've been a little behind on my blog visiting and I see I've missed quite a bit. Wow, look at all the wonderful things you created for your craft fair! Everything is so darned cute...you are amazing! btw, is that anime image of the girl in the red santa suit from sugar nellie? she is the cutest thing ever!

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