Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Furlough Friday...

HAPPY FURLOUGH FRIDAY!!! for some of you...who do have children or work for the State of Hawaii...we have started day offs on Fridays. For some of you that's good and for others its time to do some penny pinching =) I don't have any crafts to share with you today...but...I wanted to share with you my daughter's S.A.D. performance last she is at the end of the night sitting down.
here is their group shot at the end of the night...don't they all look so awesome in costume!
here's Mr J.P., Taelyn's S.A.D. director of the whole show...
what a lovely surprise for Taelyn...she had an audience to perform for! Thank you so much Teri and Nolan for coming to support and encourage Taelyn and me!!! It was so very thoughtful and sweet of you to take time out to come and watch the show!
here's me with my "star"...zombie! their grand finale was THRILLER from Michael Jackson! they worked so hard on all their lines and dance moves! I had a blast!
Happy Friday everyone!
may you enjoy your day...whatever that may be!



Taelyn is too have a great day also....


Enjoy your furlough day, Joy.

joni h

Cool face painting! Looked like it was a great performance! Have a great day off! We should have a FF get together!


Alright for Taelyn! she looks so SPOOKtacular in her costume... Glad Teri was able to join you... i would too if i were there!!! hugs to both of you!!! Happy Friday! xoxo, Kris


Looks like it was a fun performance! Enjoy your day off...can't wait for the weekend!

Michelle U

Wow I didn't even know that Taelyn was performing! She looks awesome! Ahh, wish we could have gone, would have been so cool to see her onstage! Have a great Halloween!


Awesome job Taelyn!


They looked like they had lots of fun! Have a great weekend!

Lacey Stephens

That's awesome!! I don't do "spooky" or anything zombie for that matter...but I bet is was so wonderful to see her sound like a proud mom!


Wonderful pics of Taelyn's first SAD performance...she looks so cute and I know it was a fun event for her...congrats Taelyn for doing such a great job performing. You have made all of us proud of you aside from your Mom. Happy Halloween to both of you. Cami

nicky w.

Hugs to you and Taelyn! That must've been an awesome show! Happy Halloween!


Taelyn looks totally awesome in her outfit. She must have done a wonderful job in her performance. Wish I could have been there!!! Happy Halloween to Joy & Taelyn!


Hello Jo,
Taelyn looks adorable in her costume and I bet she enjoyed acting as well! Thanks for sharing a part of your day with us!


That looks awesome!! I hope you both had a great Halloween celebration!
Jodi =)


Whoa, how cute is Taelyn! Tell her I going challenge her to the Thriller dance the next time I see her ... LMAO!!!

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