Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday Blog Candy!

here are at Wednesday! here's another chance to win my blog candy giveaway!
here are the rules...
1) if you are not a follower of my blog, please sign up
2) you don't need to have a blog...just leave me a comment
3) you must have left me a comment prior to this, but not for blog candy
***question: what's your favorite flower?
my favorite flower used to be a tulip...but now it's gerbera daisies!
here's what you can win today...
sizzix rub-ons...
"F" chipboard...for friends =)
printed flowers

looking foward to hear your answers!
thanks for stopping by!

sorry so late, but the winner is: ANGIE...Hi Joy! I am now a follower. I was a subscriber only, but now I"m both so I'll get the emails and your posts will show up on my blogger page for following. My favorite holiday is probably Christmas. There is so much happiness around Christmas, and the reason behind it is so wonderful that I just love that day!

please email me: w/ your addy!



Joy, you are so sweet to be giving away so many RAKS for your blogaversary! Thank you for letting us all play!
My fave flower has always been and still is the ROSE. My parents had a beautiful rose garden while I was growing up and I loved all the different varieties.

Carole RB

Hi Joy
My favorite flower is pansy for the colors!
Thanks so muche for giving us a chance to win!


Hi Joy,

My favorite flower is the sunflower. The colors are so pretty. Have a great day!

Gina Wrona

Aloha Joy,

Roses are always nice, but when I got married 22 years ago, my favorite flower was the peach tiger lily.

Say, by the way, congrats to the winner of Tuesday, who was?



Thanks for another chance to win. Fav flowers are anything that will grow for me, I don not have a green thumb at all, Marigolds seem to be the easiest to maintain

Yaarit's blog

My favorite flower is the orchid. It's a beautiful flower and I can't stop looking at it.
Thanks for a chance to win.

I also add your candy on my blog.

Yaarit's blog

My favorite flower is the orchid. It's a beautiful flower and I can't stop looking at it.
Thanks for a chance to win.

I also add your candy on my blog.

terriavidreader (IN-USA)

Yummy candy. Nice to pop in and find something new!


Hm, my favorite flower is the calla lily I think. I love flowers though so that may change...

joni h

Yellow plumeria. It reminds me of May Day, hula, & graduation, but mostly it reminds me of my grandmother. Aloha!


My fav flower is Calla Lilies after that it's Tulips & after that it's Gerber Daisies (my daughter's fav pink), oh darn it you only wanted one right? I just can't resist any of these flowers!!!


Hi Joy!

my favorite flower is cherry blossoms (sakura) and daisies!!! so colorful!! Happy wednesday!


My favorite flower is the Iris because it's so delicate and beautiful.


My favorite flower as always been Carnations. They stay fresher a little longer then most.


My favorite flower is orchid, but I think every flower is beautiful :)


My favorite flower is the tuberose. I love the smell... it's so refreshing!

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I love gardenias ... they smell so sweet! My plant finally started blooming (hard to grow them in Waipahu)!


Hi Joy!
My favorite flowers are tulips. They just look so beautiful.



My favorite flower is Roses! They remind me of my mom who had a rose garden. She is now with all the angels above watching over her and all her roses!


Hi Joy,
Good morning! Thank you so much for the chance to win your goodies.
My favorite flower is ROSE since I was young.I love all the different colors.
Have a great day!

Sassy Scrapin'

Joy, Thanks for letting us all play! This has been great fun, plus you keep me updating my blog with your candy! :-) My favorite flower is the Gerber Daisy. I love the coral colored ones!


Congrats to Angie!!!

Having a fun week with your blog candy Joy.



Hello again! My favorite flower has always been the tulip! I love all the different color tulips there pretty. I hope to visit a tulip fesitval in Washington some day soon! :-)


Joy, you are the best with these weekly candies ^_^ I'm gonna have to be the partypooper again (not liking x-mas...) and say that I like cactus's - they are very hard for even me to kill :D In our house it's my bf who knows more about flowers - his parents own a flower shop.



Hi Joy Thank you for the chance to win your lovely goodies.

My favourite flowers are roses they remind me of my dad and summer days.
Hugs Linda


Congrats to Angie -- she has a great blog!
I guess it would be a rose -- PINK, of course! I was recently thinking of trying to grow some sunflowers in the yard. They look so pretty outside.


Wow this is soo fun and cool Joy! My fav flower is tulips.


Hi Joy! Hmmm, guess my fave flower would be sterling silver roses.


My favorite flower by looks is a sunflower. For smell, it is a stargazer lily. Thanks for the chance to win!


Hi Joy! I'm so sorry I've been MIA...busy busy busy with these little boys of mine this summer! I've missed catching up on your beautiful creations!

I LOVE your window boxes and your gorgeous Ketto cards, wow!!

My favorite flowers are white daisies. Thanks for offering such great blog candy!


Paper Kisses

Hey sister! My favorite flower is the tulip. So beautiful and sophisticated! Have an awesome evening!


My favorite flower is a Gerber Daisy, with Sunflowers a close second.. Love those Ketto cards and your teacher gift.What a lovely thing to do for that special teacher in your child's life.


Hello Joy,
My favorite flower is the Tulip. I think they are beautiful!


I just love your questions, they are so fun!!! My favorite flower for leis is the white ginger since they smell so good. For vases, I love tulips. Ohh..what that too many choices???


pikake and orchids!
Love your blog!
Thanks for sharing,


Hi Joy ~ My fav flower is the gardenia since it reminds me of my grandmother. She had a huge bush in her yard and everytime I went to see her, she would pick a whole batch of flowers for me to take home. She passed away a few years ago at the incredible age of 104 years old.

jeanie nieva

i love peonies. :)

Pineapple Cove

Hey Jen,

Don't count me in on the blog candy..I just wanted to wish you a Happy Blog-a-versary!!


Monika Reeck

My Fav Flower is Tulip and Rose....Thanks for the chance to win your Blog candy :) I am already your follower....hugs, Monika

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