Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday Blog Candy!

it's Tuesday! here's another chance to win another blog candy giveaway!
here are the rules...
1) if you are not a follower of my blog, please sign up
2) you don't need to have a blog...just leave me a comment
3) you must have left me a comment prior to this, but not for blog candy
***question: what's your favorite holiday and why?
my favorite holiday is: CHRISTMAS...
I love the feeling of family, friends and giving! It's brings out the best in most people. so with that I am giving away some Christmas goodies...
snowflake sizzlit
hero arts stamps w/ bling
metallic brads

thanks for visiting me today!

the winner is: JONI H...Hannah Montana! We only have 1 TV and my kids dominate. When I dominate, Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
send me your email =)



Hi Joy! I am now a follower. I was a subscriber only, but now I"m both so I'll get the emails and your posts will show up on my blogger page for following. My favorite holiday is probably Christmas. There is so much happiness around Christmas, and the reason behind it is so wonderful that I just love that day!


Hi Joy.

My favorite holiday would be the Kid's Summer Holidays from School, all 6 weeks of them!!! We can have some late lazy mornings and then do some crafting together - what more could I ask!!!



Thanks for another chance to win, Christmas is my fav too it can be busy but I love all the excitment


Hi Joy,
The holiday I LOVE to CREATE for is Halloween! But my favorite Holiday would be Thanksgiving when my family is all in one room together :) Have a great day!

Gina Wrona

Congrats Joni H!

My favorite holiday is Labor Day because we are up north usually at the craft show.


terriavidreader (IN-USA)

My favorite holiday is Christmas. I've had an annual Open House for over 17 years! It's why I still decorate since my kids are grown! I'd love the chance for blog candy!


Hi Joy!
My favorite holiday would be Thanksgiving! Not only do we give thanks for all our blessings of the year and we gather with friends and family, but we get to EAT EAT EAT!!! Gosh I can already smell the food...and we are only 4 months away!! :)


Congrats Joni!
My favorite Holiday: Christmas! I think people are nicer and also is when I see a lot of family members & friends. And I love to interchange cards & gifts with them. :)


Hello Joy!
What a cool idea...week long blog candy!
My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, I can't explain it but I do love it. I can smell the awesome aromas coming from my kitchen right now:) I also like to get up in the wee hours the next morning and shop my head off. The sales the day after Thanksgiving are too great to pass up!
Thanks for the chance to win your awesome candy and have a great day.

Yaarit's blog

My favorite Holiday is New year - it's called "Rosh h'ashana".


Hi Joy,

You are in my Google Reader and have been for quite sometime! My favorite holiday? I would have to say Christmas...spending time with family, decorating the house and tree, baking cookies, watching the Grinch...doesn't get much better than that...well maybe Summer holidays!! Camping, camping, camping!! :0)


Congrats to Joni H!!!!

My favorite holiday is Christmas... the feelings tht Christmas brings is so joyful... the family gatherings, being around friends and the smiles on the children's faces when they open their presents under the tree! oh and can't forget riding around looking at christmas lights... if i could keep my tree up all year i would... it's nice to relax and stare at the christmas lights...


Hi Joy,

a hard one again, since I am sooo not an x-mas person. I'll say Midsummer's eve in Finland, as that is a time when the whole country closes down, people go to their cabins and burn bonfires, and any city dweller(=me) can have a nice quiet time at their own home :D



I have you on my Google reader already but I signed up as a follower today. I have commented once or twice before but mainly check out you blog daily.

My favorite holiday is Christmas because I have all my family over & cook a variety of foods for everyone to enjoy & we have a ball opening gifts & we do lots of talking. I luv going to midnight Mass.


My favorite holiday is Christmas, not because of the gift giving but somehow people seem to be nicer during the holidays and there's a sense of excitement in the air


Congrats to Joni!
My favorite Holiday is Christmas, love the cheer & warm feeling of family & friends.


Congrats to Joni..
My fav holiday has to be Christmas families, friends and celebrating a birthday is the best part of the season...


Hi Joy, fab candy (so kind)

My favourite holiday has got to be Christmas, I just love everything about it and most of all love the excitement on the children's faces!


Vicki x (already a follower)


Hi Joy! Like you, my favorite holiday is Christmas! I love the feeling that is "in the air". People are nicer, families come together, and friendships grow stronger. It's the best time of the year!

joni h

Thanks, Joy! My son laughed cuz I was watching Fresh Prince & popped in during the commercial! Will send email! Aloha!


I love Halloween with three little kids to have fun with but I guess Christmas would be the ultimate favorite. We get to spend the day with our kids and then over to Grandma's house for dinner with the rest of our family. And, I have a brand new nephew that will add to all the love!


My favorite holiday is Christmas because I love to shop and wrap gifts. I especially love the smell of a christmas tree and seeing the kids faces as they open their gifts!

Congrats to Joni H.!


Congrats to Joni H! My favorite holiday is Christmas too.I just love the get together with friends and family. Also shopping for gifts is so much fun thinking and figuring out what to buy them.I'm also the queen wrapper. My aunty and my mom makes me wrap all the gifts so all my cousins keeps bugging me what they got. I also have to wrap my own gifts that I get from my aunty.So when I open it in front of my family I just have to act so surprise.


Kelli B

Hi Joy-
I'm a follower already and thanks for the chance to win! My favorite holiday is Christmas because everyone is nicer and more generous and I love to give gifts to my friends and family :) Getting gifts are nice too ;)


Hi Joy! CONGRATS TO JONI H.! I love these questions you have b/c you get to learn something about everyone.

My favorite holiday is Christmas because everyone is so happy and SHOPPING for the right gift for someone is challenging but FUN! But, most of all the kiddies are all SO HAPPY when opening their gifts.


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Michelle Ueligitone

Yeah Joni! Joy she didn't have your email so she emailed me and I forwarded it to both of your email addresses. She will be at Denise's too, I think. I am going to hit Creations today and want to hit J's later before our game, you in? Give me a call.


My favorite holiday is Chinese New Year because Chinatown has all the cool food booths and I get to pick up my new Chinese New Year calender.

Sassy Scrapin'

My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love having family all around and I love getting to talk about the reason with others for that entire month before. Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior.

Thanks for all the give aways.


Hey there Joy!! My fav holiday is xmas too. I enjoy watching my kids get excited through the holidays and get very eager with shopping for gifts and opening presents as well.


my fav holiday is thanksgiving. time spent with my loved ones. :)

Paper Kisses

Hi Joy! Congrats on your one year anniversary! My gosh how time flies! Well I have to say my favorite holiday is Christmas too! A time to celebrate the birth of Christ and get together with family!


Joy, Christmas is my favorite holiday. We get to visit the Islands and spend the holidays with our Oahu friends. We get to totally relax and enjoy the sun and local foods. It is so cold here on the mainland!
Congrats for your blogversary!
sorry no blog for me, I love visiting your blog!


My favorite holiday is Christmas. It's one of the busiest time of year but it's always so much fun visiting with friends and family and surprising each other with goodies.


Congrats on your upcoming 1 Year Blogaversary, Joy! Wow! Time sure flies by when you're having fun. My favorite holiday is Christmas because it's the longest...starts right after Thanksgiving (shopping, yay!) and ends around New Year! Family come home to Hawaii to celebrate, we shop, we eat, we, laugh. The merriment is the longest of all holidays celebrated. Hugs, Cami

Carole RB

Hi Joy

My favorite holliday is Christmas. It's the only time of the year where everyone is on vacation and everyone in the family attend to parties.

Thanks for your generosity and giving us a chance to win this great blog candy!


Congrats to Joni H! My favorite holiday, we only get to choose one? I like Thanksgiving because of all of the food. Then, I get to plan my Christmas shopping list for the next day. It's family, food and shopping all rolled into one long day.


My favorite holiday is Christmas. People are more forgiving, giving, and happy.


Happy Blogaversary Joy! One year went by really fast!! Congrats to Joni too!! I see alot of "new" peeps on your blog! Good luck to everyone for the candy!


Congrats Joni!!! =) I love Christmas too. We've been taking our son to Honolulu Hale every Christmas and just loves it!! I love Valentines day too. lol! I love chocolate and flowers.


Hi Joy! My fave holiday is also Christmas....I love the weather during the ending of the year (cool and crisp)! :D


Howzit Joy! This is such a great way to give away your blogaversary candy! Hmm, my favorite holiday is Christmas too! What better way to celebrate the birth of our dear Lord Jesus Christ! Coming in a close second would be Thanksgiving, as this is the start of the holiday season and the one day that everyone comes together and gives thanks for all their blessings. Take care and see you soon! xoxo, Linda


Hi Joy, I am a follower, and so enjoy your cards. My favorite is Chistmas to celebrate our Lords birthday. Thank you for the chance to win the cnady blog. And Congrats on your anniversary.

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