Friday, July 24, 2009


***now closed***thanks for playing everyone!***
okie dokie...I guess I made this last one a little too easy for everyone!! and if you didn't know what my favorite color could guess by everyone else! LOL! I am going to save this one though so that I have a list of everyone's favorite may come in handy one day!!! thank you everyone for playing along and for answering questions...I hope you all are having fun by giving a little factual information about yourself! I'm having such wonderful time reading all your comments! I want to thank everyone for stopping by, visiting, commenting and playing along! If you were wondering how I was picking a winner...I go to and put in the actual # of people who commented and then it gives me a #. I then go and count each comment (taking out the duplicates) and get a winner! but for this last grand prize...I will have my daughter...once again...pull a name...but she will keep pulling a name until the 12th person has been pulled! If you didn't know...12 is my favorite #! the 12th person will win! GOOD-LUCK EVERYONE! oh and btw...everyone will have a double entry to this candy!
here are the last time =)
1) if you are not a follower of my blog, please sign up
2) you don't need to have a blog...just leave me a comment
3) you must have left me a comment prior to this, but not for blog candy
***question: how did you come to find my blog?
so on to my last blog candy giveaway!
here's what I have...
12 x 12 DP
cuttlebug embossing folder (birds and swirls)
Aloha Hello Kitty Sizzix Die
prima flowers
mosaic mosaique (crystal stickers)
2 gorjuss girl stamps (mounted)
I am also adding...
fancy prima flowers
Hello Kitty w/ flower sizzlit
and a couple handmade items...
I am going to close the count at 11:59 Hawaii time.
I will be announcing the winner on Saturday morning.

so to the winner of Thursday's blog candy...PAPER KISSES...
Hi Joy, My fav color is Pink and I know yours is definitely PURPLE!!!!
CHALSIE...send me your addy to my email =)
thanks everyone for playing! here we go for my BLOG-A-VERSARY date:
July 24, 2009~one year!



aloha joy,
just love to see all of your new exciting things that you craft you are an inspiration in it's self. Thank you just for that and also for the opportunity to try and win some thing! I sure hope that I'm doing this right!
I seem to always sreach for some Hello Kitty ideas for my daughter party and yours always have great ones! thanks once again!


Sassy Scrapin'

Good morning Joy!

I found your blog through a friends Blog. I can't remember who's, its been a while! You have a terrific blog!

I would love to win some hello kitty stuff, always searching for that stuff! :-)



I found your site originally from Cheryl's Life is Sweet via J's Time to Scrap. It all started when I innocently picked up that card that Cliff hands out to customers...

Happy blog-a-versary Joy! Thanks for a fun week.

Gina Wrona

Aloha Joy,

I was sent over and found your blog thru Jen Young.

Happy Blogaversary!


Yaarit's blog

I found your blog throu big ideas from a little girl blog!
Gread candy! Hope to win!


Hi! I have been subscribed to you for some time. I can't be 100% sure how I found your blog but I think it may have been through Jodi-Ann's blog. :) Have an awesome weekend!


Hello! I don't remember positively how I found your blog -- it was either from someone else's blog or maybe The Greeting Farm if you posted any cards there. I click on the cards when I like the style and look up the person's blog. I just know I like yours and bookmarked it so I could keep checking your art.
Have a wonderful weekend :)


Hey Joy,
I have been a follower for some time, and can't remember how I got into your blog in the first place... Most likely through some challenge you entered and I hopped to check you out :)

Have a happy blogoversary! :)



Hi Joy! I found your blog through Teri's blog, so glad I did because the cards and projects you share with your blog readers are always an inspiration.
Have an excellent weekend! :)


Happy Blogaversary. I can't remember how I found your blog but I think it was through denise or jamee? Your blog is so cute.
Thanks for this chance to win.


Hi Joy!
I found your blog through your BFF Michelle's blog! Your blog is very inspiring and I have learned a lot from the different projects that you do! Truly inspiring! I want to thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog...I appreciate it! :) Have a great weekend!


now we can definitely say HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY JOY!!!!

Congrats to Paper Kisses!!! and GOOD Luck to everyone on the Grand Prize...

I found your blog on Lynn's blog on that's where it all started...

Happy Aloha Friday!!!


Happy Blog-O-Versary, Joy!
Just wanted to pop in and say "HI!"
I've been busy packing and moving!
I love your creations - especially the Helllo Kitty themed ones :)
I'm taking a wild guess here ;) but, is your fave color purple? hee hee! I love color combos - my fave right now is black, white and pink! lol! I bet you were thiking that I was going to say red instead of pink ;)
:*) Here's to many more happy blog moments!!! :*)


congRats to Chalsie--
I have been following for quite awhile. I know i got your info from Teri and since you live @home i had to subscribe to a local girl...btw 12 is a good number...aloha


OMGosh this is one awesome grand prize! I found your blog through Teri's.
See you Sunday.

Carole RB

Hi Joy.
I can't remember from who's blog I came on but that's the way I discover new blogs. When someone suggest a blog I come and see. If I like what I see; I often come to look and after a while I suscribe or follow.

I don't always leave comments because english is not my language and I have the impression that I'm always saying the same things.

You have a yummy blog candy. Thanks for a chance to win.


Hi again. Hmm...I'm not sure how I found your blog. Yours was one of the first that I started following when I created my blog a few months ago. I think I may have found it through Michelle's blog. Thank you for providing us all with such a fun week of candy giveaways! Happy Blog-a-versary!!

joni h

Yahoo! I found you through Teri's blog, Big Ideas From A Little Girl! Love the stuff you make..and I thought it was cute how you & Michelle were always creating & buying things for each other! Congrats on your 1 YR! I'm looking forward to more creations!


Hi Joy,
I found your blog by looking at other Hawaii crafter blogs. I can't remember if it was Jen Young's or Teri Suzuki's. Thanks for sharing all of your projects!



Hi Joy~
I found your blog through my friend Michelle U. Both of you come up with great ideas, especially using Hello Kitty! Keep the great ideas coming and happy blog anniversary to you!
Have a great day...and good luck to everyone for the chance to win such great blog candy!


Hi Joy...I found your blog through Teri's blog. I love to come to your blog and see all your creative creations. Thanks for giving us a chance to win your blog candy.


Very generous blog candy, Joy. I found your site via Teri, Big Ideas from a Little Girl. Keep those creations coming!


I found your blog when all these girls kept talking about how talented you were & they were right! Kyoko, Lynda, Jodi, Teri & Jen. I luv your blog & am so happy I came over here & am now a follower.


Congratulations on your anniversary! Great Blog Candy! I found your blog through Cheryl's, Life is Sweet Blog. Thanks for the chance to win!


Happy blogaversary great job. I came across your blog as I was blog surfing and I remember added you to my favs right away


Hello Joy!
I discovered your blog while visiting my crafting buddies in blog world. (I can't remember exactly who because you were giving away candy at that particular time) I checked out the link and I've been a fan of yours ever since:)
Have a great day and thanks for a chance to win.


Hey Girl! I'm lucky to have found you through Teri's blog. I'm sure glad I did!!

Congrats to Chalsie! See you on Sunday!


Hi Joy! To tell you the truth, I don't remember how I found your blog. Maybe from Teri's blog...?


Hi Joy - Happy Blogaversay.
Thank you for a fun filled week of candy & questions.

I found your blog a bit back just hopping around blogland - glad I did too 'cause I love it!



Happy Aloha Friday Joy and Happy 1st Bog-A-Versary. Your blog is an inspirational to all. I love all your amazing creations. Thank you so much for sharing with us.
Your blog candy is awesome, thank you for the chance to win.
I found your wonderful blog when I was searching crafters in Hawaii.


Congrats Chalsie! Hi Joy! Happy blogaversary! I started buying some of my supplies at J's Knicknacks last year, Cliff have given me a card and he said check out some of his wife's creations to get some ideas on their blog. Under his blog there was Teri's, Cheryl's, and Jen's blog. I been checking out Teri's blog and that's how I came across your blog. But I haven't started a blog till this year in January. I was so amaze about all the possibility in paper crafting and stamping. And that's when I got interested in card making and stamping. I'm loving every moment. I have never came across so many kind and generous folks through this blog
and I 'm glad have friends like you.It is so nice to meet a lot of people that actually have the same interest that I do. Thanks again for a chance to win and I'll see you on Sunday.


Paper Kisses

WOW I WON!!!!! Yippee!!!! Thanks Joy! Please don't count this comment as an entry, since I already won I want to give others a chance to win your FAB candy! Just wanted to say thanks and to tell you i don't remember how I found your blog but I'm sure glad I did! You are one awesome crafter!


Hi, I found your blog thru a link on Cheryl's blog!!!
Happy Anniversary!!!
I do enjoy checking out items you have made, they are really nice!!
Thanks for the opportunity to win such great items!!!

Michelle Ueligitone

Congrats Joy on your one year! Hasn't it gone by fast! I am so glad that you are there for me in our craziness of blogging! See you Sunday! TTYL!


Congratulations on your anniversary. I love your blog, it's so daughter and I love Hello Kitty! I found out about your blog thru Teri...another inspiring lady. Thanks for sharing.


Happy Blogaversary Joy!! I found your blog through your BFF. I found her blog through SCS but knew her through Jacque. Small small world. I'm so happy and blessed I found you two! Thanks again for the sweet sweet goodies!! Hope you have a great weekend! Hugs,Enjoli


I found your blog through Jen Young's blog and find it to be very enjoyable. Your creative ideas are great and I love your music which plays in the background.
Hugs from Michigan

Islander Girl

Oh my girlie! What great blog candy!!! Oh before I forget, HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY!!! Your blog is truly an inspirations and I love always visiting such a creative site!

Hmmm, I'm not so sure how I found your blog! I think I found it last year and I probably did a search for Hawaii bloggers. I'm just so happy that I found it!

Hope you're doing well, and I'm so tryin' to catch up on my jetlag and chores! LOL! This trip wiped me out!



Your projects and ideas are so fantastic. I am inspired each and every time I visit your blog. Thanks for the chance to win!


I am glad to have found your blog by web surfing as you have shared so many ideas that I have used.

Thank you.


Hi Joy, congrats on your anniversary. I got your blog from a friend, Maria. I was so excited to have her share it with me. I truly enjoy checking you blog daily to view your cards.
Thanks for the chance to win the blog candy.
Have a great day......


Hey Joy,

I am behind on my blog surfin' today, so I am probably too late...but that's okay...just wanted to pop in and wish ya a Happy Anniversary!!! I think I found your blog as we were matched up for a monthly Aloha RAK once...and have been comin' back ever since! :0)


Hi Joy, Happy Blogaversary! I had to check out your blog because Michelle U. always talks about you and shows what you made for her on her blog. I love your cute ideas! Thanks for sharing!


Hey Joy! Gosh, I'm sorry I missed your blog anniversary! Happy belated blog anniversary. Wow, one year already! How time has flown!

I've been so stinkin' busy. . .I haven't been able to keep up with my blurfing and commenting. Sometimes I miss the quiet days. LOL!

I think I found your blog through Jen at Pieces of Me or Teri. . .I can't remember or maybe you found me first. LOL!

Again, Happy Blog Anniversary and hope you have a wonderful weekend!



GOsh, I'm not sure how I found your blog... but I've loved it ever since. :) Keep up the great work! And, enjoy your beautiful Hawaiian weekend!

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