Sunday, July 26, 2009

Elena...crocheted flower blog candy!

Elena...Bearasaurus..."Addicted to crafts"...
is having a wonderful SUMMER SPECIAL CROCHETED FLOWER BLOG CANDY GIVEAWAY...look at what you can win =)
go and check her blog out...she has some wonderful creations to share!



Aloha, Joy.
I just posted Elena's blog candy on my blog. She has a really lovely site.

I participated in your blog candy last Monday & Tuesday then realized I might not meet all your requirements to enter so I deleted my comment from Tuesday. I look through your blog constantly for ideas but I wasn't sure if I left a comment.

FYI-I covered compoistion books to give to my daughter's preschool teachers (as I commented on your Monday's blog)& made matching pens & paper clips too. Thanks for the idea. You can go to

my blog to check it out.


Hi Joy,
Just wanted to let you know that I have a blog award for you! You might already have it, but wanted to give it to you anyway!


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