Friday, July 31, 2009

I am featured on...Inspirational Blog...

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I am so honored with this blessing to be featured on the Inspirational blog...Thank you Julie for blessing me with this! I hope you are inspired by what you see and I would love to hear what you think =) if you click will take you straight to the date that I was featured on this wonderful blog site! thank you for all your support!
have a wonderful weekend!



A huge congrats!!!!!

Paper Kisses

Congrats Joy! You really deserve this honor! You go girl!

Paper Kisses
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That is so awesome! Congratulations!!


Congratulations to you Joy! I stopped by Inspirational and your selection of purses are the cutest! Great job!!


you truly inspire a lot of your blogging sisters!!!! count me in as one of them... CONGRATS!!!!


congrats on being featured!!!
thanks for dropping off the book from Michelle :)

joni h

Awesome, Joy! What an honor! Your creations are really deserving! Hoot! Hoot! Throw your hands in the air!


Congrats Joy! You definitely deserve this recognition for all the wonderful things you make and do for people. You always inspire me and I thank you for sharing your instructions. Kudos to you for being YOU! Hugs, Cami

Islander Girl

Congratulations Joy! Your blog is truly an inspiration and you truly deserve it!!!



Congratulations, Joy! What an honor. You ARE an inspiration!!! Thanks for sharing all of your creations with us.


CONGRATS JOY GIRL! Your blog is truly an inspiration to a lot of us beginners and seasoned ones alike! Keep on rockin girlie...


Woohoo! You definitely deserve this award! I've been following you since I first started blogging! Keep on inspiring all of us who need as much help as we can get! :-)

You rock, Girl! Have a great weekend and see you soon!

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