Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Blog Candy!

As I week long blog candy! I will make one year on July 24, here I am to celebrate daily for a week! I wanted to give more people a chance to win! so here are the rules...these rules will be for each blog candy...but the question will change.
1) if you are not a follower of my blog, please sign up
2) you don't need to have a blog...just leave me a comment
3) you must have left me a comment prior to this, but not for blog candy
***question: what's your favorite tv show?
my favorite tv show: Criminal's on Wednesday nights @ 8 pm.
here is what you can win...
ketto wasabi stamp
TGF superstar anya
3 rolls of ribbon

thanks for stopping by!
can't wait to hear your comments!





Hi Joy! My favorite TV show is House M.D. Dr. House is so harlious. His bad attitude and jerkiness makes it more entertaining to watch. Hope you enjoy your weekend.



hey you...happy blogaversary week! hmmm...I actually don't watch a whole lot of tv...but I'd say Grey's...I netflix it though :)

joni h

Hannah Montana! We only have 1 TV and my kids dominate. When I dominate, Fresh Prince of Bel Air.


Hey Joy.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful work (and the instructions). I especially love all of your gift projects - I am going to try out your composition book wrapping idea this week (hope to post it on my blog by Wednesday).

I have a 2 year old and a 7 month old so do not have too much time to watch TV but my husband is a big "24" fan so I sort of watch it when I can. Last season's final episode wasn't as great as other seasons but nevertheless it is quite interesting.

Thanks for offering the blog candy and happy blogaversary. I added your candy on my side bar (



Happy Blog-A-Versary!!! What a great way to celebrate...

My all time favorite show has to be CSI-Miami... I can watch the re-runs over and over again....

Have a great anniversary week!!!


Happy Blogaversary!!!!

My favorite show is NCIS.


I'd have to say that my favorite show is a toss up between Without A Trace and Criminal Minds.

Happy Blog Anniversary!


Oohh...'kay, Joy, don't laugh too hard since everyone else is putting down intelligent shows. My current fav tv show is The Big Bang Theory on CBS. I totally love Sheldon. The more obnoxious he is to Penny, I totally find it amusing.


what a cool idea awesome...happy blogversary week...okay my favorite show wizards of waverly place...the keikis dominate the tv...hahahaha...TFS


Congratulations, Joy, on your one year blog anniversary - you are so generous to give blog candy every day. My fav TV show is Road Antiques on PBS - doesn't come on that often but look forward to watching that show.


Hi Joy...just discovered blogging. Just you on my favorites, though. My favorite TV show is Tori and Dean. I love all that Hollywood stuff. Sometimes wish I could live the life.

Happy Blogversary to you! Congrats!

Love, Dawn


Congratulations! My favorite TV shows - Criminal Minds, CSI, NCIS. Thanks for this opportunity!


Hi Joy! Happy Blog Anniversary! Let's see, my favorite show now is probably NCIS! Can't get enough of it. Watch the re-runs on USA over and over again...nuts huh?Have a great day!!



Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy - yummy yum yum!!!

My favourite TV Show would have to be Lost.

Congrats on your blogaversary.



Happy Blogging!
My fav. show would have to be CSI.. .
All of the different CSI's


Ooh what a nice candy... Mmmm...

You put a difficult one with the TV-series! I don't watch all that much telly nowadays, but I think I will have to go with House M.D., just because Hugh Laurie is SOO hot :D


Yaarit's blog

I love "Heros"!!!
Thanks for a chance to win.
I also added your candy blog to my blog.

Yaarit's blog

I love "Heros"!!!
Thanks for a chance to win.
I also added your candy blog to my blog.

Sassy Scrapin'

Going to add your blog candy now to my blog! I have been a follower of your for a while!

My favorite TV show is a toss up...on HGTV I am back to watching Design Star. But Dh and I always watch Deadliest Catch too!


Hey there looking forward to your fun filled week my fav show right now is Big Brother 3 times a week all summer long


Hi Joy,
Happy Blogoversary! My favorite TV show is Ghost Whisperer! :) Have a great day!

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This is going to be a fun week!
My favorite TV show? Mmmmm . . . that's hard. I don't get to watch a lot of TV with three kids in the house and a husband who watches sports all the time. I like Dexter on Showtime (freaky but really cool) and on regular TV, I guess How I Met Your Mother. It's pretty funny.


Hi Joy! Happy Blog-A-Versary!
My favorite tv show: Smallville, I love Tom Welling LOL!
Thank you for the chance.


Hey Joy,
Thanks for giving us the chance to win some godies.
My favorite TV show is HOUSE.

Gina Wrona

Aloha Joy,

Currently my favorite tv show is
Raising the Bar on TNT
besides spending time w/my daughter watching her Disney shows.




Joy, Happy Blog-Aversary! I don't watch much TV but love to watch Korean Dramas,
Have a Great week! Hugs, Elena


Hi Joy,
Happy Anniversary! I really don't know if I qualify or not since I don't normally post- yes I'm a lurker, but I do visit your site regularly. Anyway- my fav. TV show is a toss up between Lost and Top Chef.


This is so fun! Ok, well, I don't really know what my favorite show is anymore. Here in Italy we don't get the recent shows, but I find myself watching Hell's Kitchen a lot, even though it's about a season old. I like American Idol too when it's on.


Hi Joy!! Happy Blogaversary!! I love to watch... Entourage on HBO or anything Reality. =) Hope you have a great week!!



Hi Joy,
I have been a follower for quite sometime now and I have left a couple of comments before although it was a while ago (sorry) that was when I first came across your blog from Teri (big ideas from a little girl).
My favourite TV show was Heroes when it was on here in the UK but I cannot go without my daily viewing of Big Brother all through the summer.
Kim xXx


Hiyas!! Oh what fun!! My fav TV show is How I Met Your Mother. It's so funny, cracks me up everytime I watch it. Thanks for the chance to win great stuff!!


Aloha Joy,
Happy 1st year blog anniversary!
My favorites TV shows DIY and HGTV.And I LOVE to watch Korean dramas.
Have a wonderful week!!!

Michelle Ueligitone

"Let it begin, let it begin" (Rhino from Bolt), lol. This really sounds like fun! Having stuff everyday! Too cool. Hope you are having a great week and see you tomorrow!


Congratulations on your one year blogaversary!! Those are super cute stamps to win too!! =)
Sorry, no favorite TV show, I just flip through the channels to find something good. LOL!
Jodi =)

Handmade by Vivi

Hi Joy,

Happy Blogaversary!!!

As I'm in Brazil and watch the shows later than you do.. but even that I love prision break, 24h, law & order SVU.

Great candy your are offering!!
Thanks for the chance!!


Hi Joy, Happy Anniversary!
I have to pick just one of my favorite shows? GEEZ, that's hard, LOL! My fav is Law & Order SVU and Dog the Bounty Hunter.
Thanks for sharing all your beautiful work all the time :)


Happy Blog Anniversary! My favorite TV shows are NCIS and Law and Order Special Victims Unit.


Happy Blogaversary! I love all the creative ideas you have for altering everyday items and making them extra special. I have so many shows I watch that it's hard to pick a favorite. Since it's off season for most of my shows, my current fav is So You Think You Can Dance! Thanks for the chance to win!


Congrats on the big bloganniversary...Love your ideas especially the gift card holder information and enjoy the blog. My favorite shows... CSI Miami and Gilmore Girls reruns... Hugs from Michigan

Carole RB

Hi Joy
Happy first blogoversary. My favorite TV Show is NCIS. Thanks for a chance to win this great blog candy. I'm already a follower but I don't have a blog.


Hey Joy Girl! Congrats on your blog anniversary! Hey July 24th is my hubby's birthday! I have plenty favorites ... Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Criminal Minds, CSI, House ... LOL! I think Linda's favorite has something to do with VAMPIRES! HAHAHAHA!


Hi Joy,
I'm not trying to enter again! Promise! Just wanted to let you know that I have a blog award for you- you can pick it up at

Thanks for sharing all your great projects!



Hi Joy! Happy Blogaversary!! Hmmm, hard to pick one fave t.v. show....I like most of the crime procedurals on CBS as well as Monk and Psych. Most come from wanting to be Nancy Drew when I was


Happy Blog-A-Versary! My favorite show is the Mentalist.


Happy Blogaversary!!! Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog and seeing all the cute 'n creative things you always come up with!
My favorite show right now is "So You Think You Can Dance". DD used to be a dancer, iceskater, and cheerleader, so this stuff is right up my alley. Love to see what the choreographers come up with each week!


Hi Joy - Congrats to Joni for winning this blog candy! I wanted to comment on my twin sister's comment about my fav TV show. Well, since there obviously isn't a TWILIGHT tv series, I'm gonna have to say "The Cleaner". Benjamin Bratt is also a very handsome man to look at ... maybe it's time to get rid of "Eddie" on my side bar. LOL!

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