Monday, October 5, 2009

My first Halloween creation...

if you went to Mushi's Creative may have seen her two tin creation! I loved it so much and so I decided to make one like her...but I used only one tin for this. I might have to change the I won't post that yet until I have it just right! but I used the CC designs - pixie pumpkin to decorate the outside of this box. used DP that I got at Cute Stuff and used my marvy uchida punches. I tied it closed with PTI ribbon...and there you have it!
here's what it looks like on the inside. I made my band right around the tin only. I gave this to Enjoli. She came this weekend to Teri's class. It was so good to see her! she gave my daughter one of her famous note books and cookies! My daughter takes it everywhere and draws in it and the cookies...well they were yummy! sorry that's why I have no pictures to post.
hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!
I had a blast!
remember to love each other!



Love it Joy! I knew you would start your Halloween crafting soon! :)


Love your halloween tin box! you are too good....I wouldn't know where to start to make my own size box! one day! TFS!


So nice! TFS :)


Love this box! Want to make one soon! Love that paper we got at CS...hope you are resting from your wild weekend!


Cute cute cute!!!! i can't wait to ink up that stamp too! it's so cute! TFS! hugs, Kris

joni h

You are just too clever! It takes me forever to figure out something then another forever to make it.
Like your new profile picture!


Wowzers Joy! I love this! Can't wait for your instructions. Halloween is almost here and I haven't done much for goodie bags yikes! This is so cute and your coloring, well, it's just awesome! I want to get that CC Pixie Pumpkin gal as she is too cute! Say hello to Taelyn...she's so adorable and lovable! Hugs, Cami


Love it Joy! Pls post the tutorial! Thanks!



Cute box. So, can you make a quick tutorial for us? Need to get into the Halloween spirit myself.


Love it too Joy! I need to get moving to make this too! TFS!


Love it too Joy! I need to get moving to make this too! TFS!

Islander Girl

Oooh so cute! I believe Michelle will be doing this as our make n take !!! Can't wait!!! LOL! Your's came out so cute! And I love that image! Isn't she the cutest!!! Can't wait to see you guys!!!


Hey Joy! LOVE IT! You are so unreal! To be able to look at someone's creation and recreate it ... awesome! Maybe Kyoko and I should do a M&T on Saturday ... can you imagine that??? It would be hilarious! BTW, tt was such a pleasant surprise to see you and Taelyn on Saturday! Can't wait to see you guys again soon! Take care!


Cute box Joy!!! Love that CC Halloween stamp. What is CC?


Made Michelle's version at our meeting on Friday. But your version is cute too! Isn't it great how you can tweak it to make it your own and it looks totally different? Have a great week!

Michelle U

This is so smart, maybe I should have done this for the thingy this weekend...oh well, already cut all the paper. See you Saturday!


This is cute Joy!! Love your creations!! Hope to see you soon!
Jodi =)


That's a cool design! Super cute!


Very IMPRESSIVE GF! I just can't get over how you figure these things out...

Eh, what Linda trying to say about us doing one M&T ... HAHAHAHA ... we only going be arguing!!!

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