Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hello Kitty with hats...

short post today...here are a couple more HK bags I made...added stickles to the hat and the clothes...one of them I added chunky glitter to her clothes. I had people ask...I did make my own hats for the HK...I wanted her to look more like a HK witch =) but she may look like a farmer instead...hahaha!
added some goodies inside for some friends...
thanks for stopping by!



It's cute!!! i love it! she does look like a witch, a friendly one! =D the hat is perfect for her! TFS! have a great Tuesday! hugs, Kris


cute Joy..nothing can go wrond with HK....have a good day.....


So adorable projects! :)


You're too funny!! The thought that she looked like a farmer never entered my mind...she looks like a perfectly cute witch!! LOVE these bags!!!


Great witch hats for HK! Where'd you get a farmer from?? LOL!! At least you made more hats, I only made one last year and that was it!


Too cute Joy! She's definitely a little witchy poo! You are so darn creative! Lunch soon? Hope so! TTYL ... hugs to you and Tae!

Michelle U

I agree with Linda, she looks like a witch to me and she is super cute! I love this bag, it is so cute! Amara keeps trying to claim it, lol. K so see you tonight. Oh yeah, who's the new girl you picked up?


Love those HK witches, they are so cute!! You are very creative. I'll try to stop by & p/u the disk this evening.


Cute HK witches!!! They don't look like farmers. LOL!

Islander Girl

hahaha! OK, I saw witches until you mentioned farmers...now I see them as farmers! You crack me up girl!!! It's so cute and who ever gets it are really lucky!!!

I'll see what I can come up with as far as blogwear! Was there a particular Sweetie you'd like on the banner?


Cute with hats Joy! Perfect fit too. Very talented to draw your own. Cami

joni h

too funny, joy! they look like witches hats! so very clever!


Joy they sure look like witches to me. So very cute! You did a great job. TFS!


You are the queen of cute projects Joy! Your HK treat bags are adorable!


i love your hello kitty! You are so good at adding/making your own!

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