Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ninjas on Fire...

I requested a favor from my BFF's husband to draw me a ninja for my nephew's soccer team. their team name is: NINJAS ON FIRE...too cute yah! They are orange and black and they play AYSO U6. My brother coaches them, but I go to assist. So anyhoo...look at this cute ninja that was drawn by Albert! I love it! I scanned him into the computer and now it's a digi. I can make him as big or as small as I want to. so I decided to make this one very big. I made a card for my brother and I will have the boys sign their names inside the card. I colored each ninja with my copics. here are the ones I made for the boys...I made them tags with the ninja image and their name. I found my oriental alphabets to stamp with. it matched perfectly. on the back I will put their team name and year.
hope everyone is having a good Tuesday!
I will have to start making my Halloween stuff soon, so come back to visit me!
thanks for stopping by!



So cute Ninja! The card & the tags are really nice. TFS! :)


He did a great job with the Ninja...and i love how you changed the sizes too cute. hope all is well...take care

margie c

Awww, they are sooo cute!
Oops, sorry, boys are not cute their tough! LOL! That's what my 3yo says ;)
Love them so much! Great coloring!
TFS :*)
~ margie

Paper Kisses

This is so cute Joy! Kinda reminds me of Ian!
I'm sure the boys will love it!

joni h

OMG! awesome! should've entered this in TGF's Wild Sprout contest! OR this could be the new Ninja Ian!!
The boys are going to love it!
My DD2 U6 team is Mighty Mangos! No princesses on our team-ha! but, we are junk...


waaayyyyy tooooo coool!!


Lovin' those Ninjas... wow does he want to make that a stamp... =D hope you're having a great week and maybe play a challenge... =D


Love the Ninjas! Sooo coool. Where can I get one???



Wow, what a great drawing! The cards & tags are so cute.


I love them. They are so cute. What a great idea!!!

Islander Girl

Love it!!! It's Halloween colors too!!!


Love your ninja's Joy!!! They turned out so cute and wow, Michelle' husband can draw. The stamps match perfectly too.


wow, he did a great job on the ninjas! Looks almost like Ian from GF! cute!


Your ninjas are so cute. They will love their tags.


Oh, these are so super cute!! He did a great job on the drawing!


WHOA SISTER ... gotta pick my jaw off the floor! This image should have been entered into TGF's sprout challenge ... WOULD HAVE WON 1ST PLACE! AWEEESSSOOOOMMMMEE!


This is a cute ninja and I love the coloring you did on him too! Digital stamps are so much fun!
Hope you are doing well.
Jodi =)


Great idea Joy! These are too cute! Have a great day! :)

Michelle U

Glad the ninja worked for you! I have to get Al to draw some more for me, but you know how that goes, lol. Can you email me the scanned image...that way he has something to base the next one on. TTYL!


Oh wow Joy, he did an amazing job, they are super cute! ~Hugs


Wow! Love the drawing of ninja and love your coloring too. So creative. The boys are gonna love em!


Wow, these are awesome! I'll bet the boys were thrilled to get these. Absolutely love the ninjas!


What awesome invitations!!! I LOVE the ninja!


Those are so adorable!!! How clever -- the boys will love them!

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