Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cards to share...

No creations today...but I do have a lot of cards to share with you! We have been blessed with such wonderful, loving and caring friends/aunties! The love that these ladies have shown us is so endearing...We can't thank them enough for their generosity and kindness!!! this first card is from Kyoko! She sent me this cute card with the popcorn bear and a gc inside! Thank you Kyoko for your wonderful laughter and big heart! your friendship means so much to me!
This next one is from Kyoko for my daughter Taelyn! She was so thrilled to receive a package in the mail from dear Aunty Kyoko! look at this lovely card! so cute and don't you love the "t" monogram...this one also had a gc inside! Thank you Aunty Kyoko you are da bomb!
this next card is from Elena! I love this card! love the heidi among the flowers with the pretty flowers! She made me a thank you card for winning the blog candy and I should be thanking her for her awesome crocheted flowers! Thank you Elena for your sweetness!
this card is from Aunty Cami. She was so thoughtful for thinking of my daughter! she was so happy to receive this gift card holder and she loves her paper too! now she can start crafting like her mommy! Thank you Aunty Cami for being such a sweetheart!
I just received this last card from Denise! She is so sweet to make me this awesome card! I love it! Megan is darling and I love the whole card! Denise even gave me a pair of pretty earrings! Thank you so much Denise! I really am glad you are my dear friend.
Thank you so much to all my awesome blogging sisters...the ones who always come by daily...the ones who leave me such wonderful comments to make me smile...THANK YOU! I truly appreciate each and everyone of you! have a great "hump" day!



Love your cards Joy! You and Taelyn are so deserving. Just a few more days before the weekend!


Super cute cards! :)


These are great RAKs from some awesome and very thoughtful ladies!! All of them are beautiful! Have a great day!


ll the cards are so Beautiful!!! Taelyn's card is so sweet and i just love popcorn bear!!! Have a great day Joy!!!


Thanks again Joy for doing me that favor, I REALLY appreciate it. Hope you have a very nice weekend. WIN WIN WIN


Lovely thoughtful of them all! :D


You are so deserving, Joy, of all of the RAKs. Be sure to post any of Taelyn's creations too.


Awww tooo cute these!!! How fun to receive LOVE mail!!! Better than bills, ya?!

Big Hugs,


Great Raks Joy!!! So cute that Taelyn can craft too.


Hey Joy, you got some really nice raks here. You are the one who makes the daily visits to everyone's blogs and leaves nice comments! You deserve all of this and more! I guess you've been busy since I haven't heard from you - you are unreachable!! Call me, k? Have a good time at the tournament!

Michelle Ueligitone

Those cards and raks are so nice! K, so I am going to probably put in the order soon, do you need anything else? How was J's? Any good stuff? TTYL!

Islander Girl

You truly deserve it all! You're such a sweet person and surround yourself with people just as sweet as you!!!

joni h

All the cards are so adorable! I really like that TGF Megan...could it be because it's blue??!!
A mini-Joy crafting! Awesome. Next time, I'll bring DD#2, they can craft together! Have fun in Maui!!


Hi Joy! You and Taelyn are just the GREATEST ... that's why so much LOVE comes your way! Have fun on Maui and WIN!!


What a beautiful assortment of RAKs! You are one lucky lady to have such wonderful friends!


Joy, you and Taelyn have so blessed me with your kindness and spreach the Aloha Spirit and in love in sent back to you. Have a great tournament and WIN the games! Cami


Beautiful cards you receive. Have a fun and safe time at Maui. Enjoy your weekend.

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