Monday, September 14, 2009

An Original...

sorry gang...I haven't had time to create lately...just don't know why...but I just am in a funk! maybe I will get my mojo back soon...but I wanted to share this fabulous card and praise the artist! thank you Teri for sending me this cute card! This image is an original drawing from Teri...Big Ideas from a Little Girl! Isn't she just so sweet! Teri is such an awesome person...inside and out! she's always thinking of others...she's so talented and best of all she's a wonderful, kind, caring and understanding friend! I am so blessed to have her in my life! hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I had a blast...spent the whole day down at the soccer park! got to play in the morning and watched a few games throughout the day! I am burnt but had lots of fun! I am truly blessed for having such wonderful friends! My quote for the day: Live life to the fullest! Life is too short not to!


Islander Girl

I agree! You are definitely blessed with such great friends, but they are equally blessed to have you as a wonderful, kind and giving friend!!!

Love the card by Teri, she's one talented chick!!!

I know what you mean about not having any mojo! I'm there with you!


So lovely card! The image is super cute. Have a very nice week :)


What a sweet and cute card!

Michelle U

How funny! You got one too! These are so cute.

Ugh, no Jana and Keri, this is going to suck. I hope the guys will pass to us this time, jeez. It was weird playing yesterday with the KC, just felt funky. How was is for you? I couldn't get in to a groove and didn't really know how everyone played. Oh well. You guys killed us. See you tonight.

Might go to Cute Stuff, want to go?


Hey girl, glad you liked my card! I think we are all so busy, our mojo is all probably somewhere together! It's been so long since we got together during work!! Hope to see you soon!!


I'm surprised you feel you've lost your mojo right now! Your creations are so awesome! You make everything so nice and fast at the same time! I like to make things but it's just getting ideas that holds me back! the card from teri is super cute!


Yes we are all so very lucky to have such great friends and Teri is a very great one to me too!!
I just adore that cute image she drew and can't wait to get some!!
Jodi =)

joni h

Silly girl, It's us who is blessed with you! BTW, too much soccer running thru your veins right now! But, hey, that's the versatility of a crafting athlete! Sometimes it overpowers the "girly" side! Put on a dress, get a mani-pedi & call it a day! haha!


Teri's creation is the greatest! i would DEFINITELY buy that in a stamp!


this is so sweet. hugs rachxx


I agree, Teri is really super sweet ... uh oh, I feel a cavity coming ... LOL! We are all blessed to have each other ... I going cry now!

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