Thursday, September 17, 2009

OCS from Michelle and RAK from Kris...

sorry gang...I haven't been feeling well since Tuesday...I have a viral gastroenteritis...which causes inflammation in my stomach. so I have stomach cramping which at times can be unbearable. I am getting treatment from my doctor, so I am at home resting. I am feeling a little I wanted to post a few things.
Here is my OCS for September with my BFF...She made me a slider card! I love it! it's in purple...the image is a ketto and I love the flowers with sparkles! Isn't this the most cutest thing you have ever seen! I love my card...thank you Michelle!
here's what it looks like once it slides that sentiment! I am so blessed to have been paired up with my BFF!
she also surprised me with a stamp set...popcorn bear!
isn't he the cutest thing! I got this in Maui actually, but I wanted to share it with you.
here's a pretty purple card from Kris...she sent us a RAK after we got to meet up in Maui! She was so sweet to take us around her mall and we got to meet her cute daughter! I am so bummed because I totally forgot my camera! but look at all that detail to the card! I love it!
here's the layout for the inside...isn't that awesome!
here's some cute stuff we got from her...this one's mine
and this one was for my daughter!
Thank you Kris for thinking of us!
Thank you Michelle for being my BFF!
hope everyone is having a great week!
Remember to take care of each other and to tell them you love them!



Such cute raks, even Taelyn scored!


You are very welcome! and THANK YOU again! hug Taelyn for us! LOVE the card Michelle made for you! Have a great day (it's almost the weekend!)

joni h

ouch! hope you're feeling better soon! great OCS from michelle & RAK from kris! so much better than getting those dreaded b-i-l-l-s...
rest up!


Hope you're feeling better. Love all your RAKS. TFS!!


So lucky to receive such great RAKS. Hope you feel better soon!


hope you feel received some great RAKs...take care


Oh Joy ... hope you feel better real soon! Take care of yourself, k? TFS your great RAKs from Michelle and Kris - two very sweet and generous ladies!


Love the cards you received! Very creative! Hope you get better soon!

Michelle U

Glad you liked it, was my first time doing one of those cards and it took me forever, lol. I didn't know that your stomach was bothering you again, I'm sorry. LMK if you need anything.


Awesome card by Michelle!! What a great RAK from Kris too!!
Hope you are doing well Joy!
Jodi =)


Feel better soon. Hugs from Michigan

Rilda Peel

Sending a [[[[[ Hug ]]]]] full of God's healing love. Your goodies are awesome! Take Care and listen in the stillness as His heart beats to be heard by you. Lovingly, rilda *U*


Beautiful RAK's Joy! I hope you feel better soon kiddo! Take care of yourself, I'm sending you some healing (((HUGS)))!!!


I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well. I hope everything clears up soon! Hopefully your package will get to you just in time for you to feel better so you can stamp!! Hope you have a better weekend!


I hope you feel better soon. The cards are so lovely. I do agree. The detail on that purple card is pretty amazing.


What beautiful RAKs! TFS!!!


FAB RAKs! Wow, even Taelyn got some goodies ... I just want to hug her!! AWESOME creations by both Michelle and Kris!

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