Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Origami Baskets...

Happy Hump Day everyone. Can you say mass produce?! Easter is coming up this weekend and I decided to make something last minute for my co-ed soccer team and my mom's two groups of friends...which totaled 40! So I had to make something really easy and fun. Well, a few weeks back I got this cute basket from Mama and she showed us a link on how to make these. I wasn't going to do this and then Michelle said it was so easy to make, so I took a whirl at it. it was done in no time! these took 6" x 6" DP.
here's what it looks like once its done. I put some grass and added some yummy chocolate eggs in it. I used whatever brads and ribbon I had to finish it off.

Hope you are enjoying your week. Can't wait to see all of your creations! Till next time: "But God raised him from the dead, freeing him from the agony of death, because it was impossible for death to keep its hold on him."
-- Acts 2:24 NIV

Be Blessed,



Oh my...sooo fun...YOU are the queen of mass producing!


Wow girly!! send some of your energy my way!! =D These turned out really cute and will surely be loved!! Great way to use up scraps!

Shirley N

Wow Joy, you're so amazing! Don't know how you can whip up so many wonderful creations at one time--you're just one inspiring woman. Beautiful Easter baskets!


They turned out so all the colors! And Im sure all your friends will love the goodies too :) happy wednesday!


beautiful baskets! i know everyone will love them!


i agree you are the queen of mass production! you make it look so easy! i only made 5 for easter this year....more if i have time! awesome baskets! have a great hump day!


Gr8 job Joy!! These turned out fabulous! Whoever gets these will be over the moon for them. MFS! :)


Great job, Joy! I don't know how you can mass produce week after week! These came out darlin'!
Hugs, Cami

Qbee (aka Brenda)

Your little baskets turned out so well. I love all the different colors you used. Adorable!!


wow they are cute! you are just amazing!

joni h

LOL! DD1 & I made a bunch of these too, but, we ran out of time (had to pass them out today 4 school) we skipped the handle & grass! so cheap, yah?!
Super easy to make & cute! Love that you can make AND finish 40+ baskets PLUS the other ones that you made too! You're my IDOL!!
happy easter!

Kim Y.

These are fun! You are so creative!


Holy Moly, look at all those adorable baskets you came up with! You were busier than the Easter Bunny this year! Your friends are so lucky...I'll bet everyone loved their special Easter treats!

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