Thursday, April 7, 2011

Birthday Time...


this will be a short post. This weekend will be my daughter's party and so every year I make tags for the kids that come. I decided to make them bigger than the normal size. I figure it can be more fun to use. so I used pretty double sided DP and used my border punch for both the girls and the boys tags. I had to punch my own hole for the loop to go in. then I laminated it. this is what it looks like.

thanks for stopping by! I hope I will have something to post tomorrow! I have been busy trying to catch up on a few things. Once this weekend is done, I can concentrate on Easter! Have a wonderful weekend if not. Be safe, but have lots of fun!!
Be Blessed,



Super cute tags Joy! These are alot of fun for the kids and they do come in good use. My DD got one from a party, and she uses it for her luggage...great way to spot it on the luggage conveyer! But then she worries about it being destroyed! lol! Have a great weekend and have fun with Taelyn's party! ;)


The kiddies will LOVE these!! i know i do! Have a fun weekend (if you don't blog before then) and hoping Tae has all her wishes come true!!! Hugs!


very pretty tags! hope she has a great party! and have a great weekend too!


The kids will luv these tags! I luv them! :) Wishing Tae a Happy Birthday! She's such a big girl . . . treasure her Joy, she'll grow up fast and you'll wonder, "Where did the time go?" Have a good one!


These tags are so cute, Joy! It's great cuz they can use them on their backpacks of whatever later. Tae's growing up very fast and soon she'll be a teenager! Oh no! But time does fly and it's fun watching her grow in the young lady she is. Enjoy your weekend at the birthday party!
Hugs, Cami

Have A Scrap Happy Day

Very cute and sweet tags. Hope your daughter has a great birthday.


Great tags!! hope tae has a great birthday :) have an awesome weekend!!


Love your tags! Very cute and gives me a great idea too. TFS!

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