Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back to School...

It's back to school for most students...my daughter is one of them and so with that comes school supplies and since she was in kindergarten, I have been decorating my daughter's composition books...so this year she is in the 5th grade and wanted "cute stuff" as she says. she wanted something different. I love the Tiddly Ink images. so I decided to go with a summer theme and she did want Winnie the Pooh. This first image is called: "going swimming boy"...I used my crystal effects on their goggles, swimming tubes and for the girl on her polka dots.
this image is called: "going swimming"
here's the completed composition book...don't forget to use the self adhesive laminate to cover the books. This saves the book and at the end of the year it doesn't look like it was beaten up. lol!
here I used the "whatcha doin'?" image...she's so cute!
this is the completed book...now she can be the envy of all her classmates. this is added/extra work but it's always fun to make cute things for your kid!
have a wonderful Tuesday!

“The difference between school and life? In school, you're taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you're given a test that teaches you a lesson.” ~Tom Bodett

Be Blessed,



Taelyn is such a lucky girl to have such a creative mommy like you! Bet she is the envy of all her friends with her extra special composition books! You are such a wonderful mommy, Joy!!!


Sweet projects!!!!


You are such an awesome Mommy!!! These tbalets came out really cute!! Love the adorable images... =D Have a good day sis!

Happy Honu

Joy: TFS! That reminds me I gotta get a move on decorating my girls comp books also. Where do you get that self adhesive laminate? at fisher? Love the decorated books and love the images you used. have a good one...Myra :)


I covered my girls composition tablets too... all 12 of them! But of course I left it simple since the teachers cover the front of the book with a big label... hehehe! I also got busy covering their clipboards and homework envelope. Whew! I hope the school year doesn't fly by because I'm not quite ready to do this all over again. Enjoy the day!


very cute notebook indeed! love the images and the bright colors! have an awesome day!


OMGOsh!! Tooo Tooooo Adorable, Sis!!! Love them all... Love love love these images. Will have to make some my own very soon!! Big Hugs to you n' Tae!!!

Berenice R.

So nice projects! TFS :)


These are so cute!


Omg! So cute Joy! Great idea to cover the book with self adhesive laminate too.


Tae is so lucky to have you as a mom! The comp books are wonderful and I know how much luv went into creating these! :) Awesome Joy . . . I sent my boy's comp books and clipboard just as I bought it. So sad yeah.


Love love love these comp books you covered for Tae! You are such a good Mom and I know she appreciates all you do for her. She definitely will have the best looking comp books! Have a great week Joy and Tae! Hugs, Cami


That's so neat how you do that for her every year, these are amazing! Aww, I love Winnie the Pooh, love the paper, where did you get it?


Joy these are just adorable!! Taelyn is just so lucky to have you to create all her books!!


love the comps! ur such an awesome mommy :) where did you get the cover laminate from? thanks :)


Ooh, everyone will be jealous cuz Tae has the bestest notebooks! They came out really cute. I love all of the Tiddlyink images you used!

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