Thursday, March 25, 2010

Welcome Myra and Taelyn's Birthday Blog Candy...

Hey everyone...I have a friend of mine who just started her blog and I wanted to give her a shout out for her debut to this wonderful crafting world of talented ladies! Her name is Myra and her blog is Honu Happy Stampers. Please stop by and give her some much needed love =)So without further is what my daughter wanted me to give for her birthday blog candy! She's so am I. If you saw my post earlier she will be having her big ONE-O birthday party coming up! This will be her first boy/girl party. My baby is growing up!
so here is what you will have to do to enter for this blog candy...
1) you must be a follower of my blog...if you already are then no worries
2) please don't post this on your's only for the ones who come to visit me...more chances for you to win =)
3) you must have commented on one of my posts in the last two weeks to be able to enter...and no you can't go to comment on one now and then enter...sorry =P
4) answer this question: "what's your favorite flavor of ice cream?"
Taelyn's is chocolate!

Taelyn will be picking a winner on the day of her birthday...which is??? April 1st! thanks for stopping by and for being dear friends who have been with me through it all! remember: “And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.



Hey girlie, happy double digits to your girl!!! How exciting!!! Let's see..favorite icecream? Coffee Oreo for me:)




Happy "early" Birthday Taelyn!!! woooohooo, double digits sweetie!! she's so cute!! favorite ice cream is kona mud pie... yum! Thanks lovelies for the chance at some yummy yum yums! Hugs, Kris


Happy Birthday Taelyn! My favorite flavor is chocolate too. Thanks for the chance :)


Hau'oli la Hanau to your princess...has to be strawberry cheesecake...Myra is a good friend of mine i am so glad she started a blog...TFS


Hi Joy... thanks for sharing Taelyn's birthday candy with us. May she be blessed with a wonderful birthday. My favorite ice cream flavor is cookies 'n cream mmmmm. Thank you :)

Jenny V.

Happy birthday to Taelyn! My favorite ice cream is rocky road or cookies & cream. Yummy!Enjoy your day.


Woohoo Taelyn! Happy early birthday! :) You're mommy is so proud of you!
Hey, Joy, I think I qualify for this . . . you better check though if I commented every time you posted! Anyway, my favorite flavor is .... COFFEE! I like Cookies n Cream too!


WOw, they grow up too fast! My favorite is the same a Tae's ~ CHOCOLATE!!


Happy Birthday Tae! You share the same bday as my baby who is turning one! She's an April Fool's baby too! Hmm... my favorite ice cream would have to be Peanut Butter Tracks, with Cookies 'n Cream a close second!


YAY!! Happy early Birthday Taelyn!! My mom's bday is the same day!!
I will have to say my favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip!!
Jodi =)

joni h

wow! 1-0!! And a boy/girl party! bleech...stay away from boys...cooties....
Chocolate is my all time favorite. BUT, Vanilla ice cream mixed with candy (Whoppers, Butterfinger, etc) is my favorite-est!!
aw man, now I have to go make me a Coke Float now....bye!


Wishing her a fun and happy b-day! My son was almost born that day but he decided on March 31st. ;) What fab candy, thanks for the chance! My fav flavor is Maple Nut, YUM! ~Hugs


Whoa, baby girl Taelyn is 10??? SHEESH!!! What a BIG girl to have a boy/girl party!!! Awesome! I'm not sure if I qualify to play, but I wanted to say my very favorite flavor of ice cream is none other than... VANILLA! LOL!!

Happy B-day Taelyn and thanks for letting me play! See you soon!


Auntie Joy

Michelle U

Awww Joy! This is such a cute idea! Can't wait to hang out this weekend. TTYL!



Early Birthday wishes to my precious're my little Sweetie! Joy, don't count me in for the BD blog candy since I won so much already! I just wanted to wish Taelyn an early Happy Birthday, and now I'll vist your new Blogging friend. Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Cami


happy early bday to taelyn! you are always too generous! i need to do a blog candy soon too! thanks for giving us a chance to win! my favorite flavor is cookies n cream! love your creations!


Happy Birthday Taelyn!! How sweet of you to be giving out such great candy for your birthday! Let's see, my favorite ice cream is probably cookie dough!!


OMG, Happy Birthday to Taelyn!!! And, how great that Myra has a blog. Let's favorite flavor is lemon custard.


Happy Birthday, Taelyn!
Hmmm . . . my favorite flavor of ice cream usually changes every couple months. I go through phases! I guess mostly it would have to be Mint Chocolate Chip. Yummy!
Hope your B-day is wonderful!

LEIdee Q

The best ice cream flavor is Ben and Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake! YUMMERS! Awesome blog candy. I enjoy seeing all your cards! Gonna stroll around some more. I'm expecting to be an Auntie on the first! So Happy Birthday Taelyn!

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