Tuesday, March 2, 2010

BRAK cards...

I have been blessed to have dear sweet friends who sent me such wonderful gifts and these lovely cards for my birthday and I would love to share them with you...this first one is from Kyoko. she made me a shaker card! I love it and she also used the new manga image! thank you Kyoko for being such a wonderful friend!
the next one is from Teri. I can't thank her enough for all that she does for me. I can't explain it all as it would take years to say it all...but she is the sweetest, kindest and down to earth friend you could ever have. always there for you in time of need and willing to lend a hand at any time! thank you Teri for your friendship...it means the world to me.
this one was a pleasant surprise from a dear and sweet friend...Tammi. She's always thinking of me and sending me such fabulous cards like this one. Thank you Tammi for being a wonderful friend to me. I love my card and thank you for my goodies!last but not least...is Joni...she made this cute Tilda card! thank you for putting it together for me Joni! she is so cute and I do love my card and goodies too! You are so sweet to think of me!
happy Tuesday everyone. this is a short week for most of us as we now start to follow the kiddies furlough Fridays. maybe we can get more crafting done =)


joni h

So much purple goodness for the Queen of Shakers!! You are so deserving of all the goodies that you get!! boy, I need to bling up my cards, huh? it looks so dull next to the others...


you received great cards from everyone. they are all so sweet!

donna mikasa

Such wonderful birthday cards! You are one special friend--and you must love purple! Thanks for sharing!

Jenny V.

Lovely birthday cards. It was nice seeing you at Munchkins! Sorry I bought all the copic holder, I just got two but I think I need another one and maybe more Copics. Haha too much money spending. Well hope to see you again.


Gorgeous cards for a SWEET person!!! Love them all and i know you do too!!! =D


Lucky you! Very sweet cards and in your fave color too!


All of these are gorgeous cards and you deserve each and everyone of them!!
I've officially finished your card!! so this means it's out to the mailbox this week!! LOL!

Islander Girl

What great BRAKs!!! Everyone did an awesome job! You are definitely blessed w/great friends!


Awww, such sweet friends to give you these cards! And, they made them with luv with your favorite color . . . PURPLE!

Lacey Stephens

Those are all so cute!! And they all have a special theme....purple...I wonder why?! LOL


You know how special you are to all your friends! Love all the beautiful cards you got ... I feel the love GF! Huggies to you and Taelyn!



Lots of beautiful cards from beautiful gals for a beautiful gal with a heart of gold! I'm so behind schedule, but mine will be on its way soon to Kaneohe! Hugz, Cami

P.S. Say hello to Taelyn for me! I hope to see you both soon! Hubby just loves that little girl!


Look at all that purple! ;) You got some super cute cards Joy! Big hugs!

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