Monday, August 24, 2009

Thank you Maria...Stamping Inspirations...

I received this lovely package from Maria...Stamping Inspirations! Thank you so much Maria from the bottom of my heart! this card was so awesome! I love the layers and the detail that was put on this card...also her coloring is fabulous! I think this is so cute! too bad you can't see it IRL! so pretty yah!on to my goodies! here are oodles and oodles of paper and ribbon...
clear in a cute handmade box!
a file purse...
here's what it looks like opened...
so much stamped images fill the pockets!
I am so blessed to have such wonderful blogging sisters who love to give! thank you Maria for your generosity! have a great Tuesday!


Islander Girl

What a lovely RAK! You truly deserve it Joy!! You're such a sweetie!!!! I'm sure you're itching to play w/all your new goodies! Can't wait to see what you create!


Wow what a great RAK! I'm sure you deserve it!


So nice RAK! Look forward to seeing your creations! :)


Wonderful RAKs. Isn't it so nice to have such wonderful blog friends. I just love how everyone is so caring and sharing.


Really Cute RAK Joy! Love the file purse! Hope you're having a great day!


You scored!!! LOL!. That was just sooo sweet of Maria to give this wonderful RAK to you! You sooo deserve it!
Jodi =)

Michelle Ueligitone

Wow Joy what a great rak! Love the file folder purse, want to make one now. Went to PT today and she told me not to play tonight if I want any chance of playing next weekend at the tournament. Ugh. I can jog, just cant sprint yet. Trying to get it better asap. I will keep you posted. TTYL!

joni h

Hi Joy! Lucky you! Those are some great RAKs. Just read Michelle's comment, pls pass on to her to get healthy soon! Hope she's OK.
Love that accordion file holder!


Wow! Love the folder but what a beautiful surprise when you opened it. You are so deserving! Take care!


Whoa Sister, you hit the motherload! Awesome RAK from Maria ... love that file purse ... great way to hold images! Hope you are having a great week.



Joy what an awesome RAK! Maria is a great person! You are just as great! Have fun with your goodies, looking forward to seeing your creations!! :)

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I am so happy for you Joy, to have received this wonderful RAK from the multi-talented Maria! I can just imagine how pretty this card is IRL. She does layers and layers and her coloring is beautiful. She definitely loved your tri-shutter card you sent her also! How wonderful to exchange such beautiful RAKs! Cami


What an awesome RAK from Maria! She is a genius!


What an awesome treat, ya?! Maria is so cool!! Love how pretty that blue looks.... blue, hmmmm.... reminds me of Pepsi! LOL!!!



I'm so happy you liked them, Joy! I know they were long overdue. I hope you'll be able to find some use for the stuff! You do deserve all the goodies. . .because you are such a sweetheart!


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