Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Island Ladies Crafting Social...

here I tried to crop the picture so that it would come out bigger and so that you can better see all of us in the picture...but it may have defeated the purpose...oh wells! Look at how many lovely ladies all came to this event! I was amazed! Hats off to you...Mrs. Teri! You did a wonderful job putting this together! We got to shop at Little C's...Jen...Tamikos...Joy and Roses on Paper...Summer! It was so much fun! we also had 3 projects to do...of course all I did was talk and laugh...and laugh...and laugh! I had a blast with all you ladies! hope you all had fun too!
here are the RAKS I received from my talented blogging sisters...
~Paper my tea holder~
~Capture a heart...Cami...such a cute bag w/ Tilda~
~Life is Sweet...Cheryl...Taelyn ate the m&ms already~
~Inked Inspirations...Jodi...thanks for my cute little green box~
~Heartful Stamping...Rina...for the red & black pouch w/ candy~
~Cards and Tags Mania...Kyoko...for my goodies in the bag~
~Crafty Hula Hands...Joni...for the gum~
~Dawney's Delights...Dawne...for the images~
here are some more...
~Barbie & Sonny...for the twilight w/ candy~
~Denise loves stamps...Denise...cute himawari babies~
~Creative Expressions...Janis...for my scrubby & hand sanitizer~
~Soft Subtles...Ali...for that cute coaster~

Rina from Heartful Stamping gave me this awesome purse! It looks so hard to make but it also looks like a "real" purse! Thank you Rina! I totally love it!

look at all the goodies that were inside! I am so blessed!

thanks for stopping by today! this week is short...we have Friday off! yay! everyone be good to each other and be safe!



The raks were all so pretty! I had a blast too, especially making your notebook...LOL


Joy~ thanks for bringing Taelyn! She's adorable. She's soo funny, just like you! That was one fun event. Hope to see you guys again soon!!


So nice RAKs! Glad you had a great time :)


What an event! Taelyn helped us out like a pro...she's like her Mom. It truly was a fun event. Great new "toys" and snacks! So many nice RAKs! Cami

joni h

Great post! Love how you remembered who gave what. Love that purse from Rina-it's awesome! Next time, Teri will have to put Taelyn in charge of the door prizes...and I'll help! ;)


Awesome RAKs from some special ladies! I had to much fun with you and Taelyn is such a doll!


Such wonderful and beautiful gifts!!! Enjoy them all Joy!!! Have a great day!!!!


Wowee! It's like Christmas with all those fun RAKs. Glad to hear you all had a good time...Teri's so awesome for putting this together!


Oh, I wish I was on Oahu. Looks like you all had a great time!!! It's so nice to talk to sister crafters. Only problem - not enough time. I love our Stampin' up parties we have here. Mahalo for sharing.


You got soo much RAKs!!! I esp love the one Rina made you, yes, definitely looks like a "real" purse!!! It turned out soooo pretty!!!

Hey, thanks again for that day, and coming with me to get my Pepsi @ Zippy's. Zippy's makes the best pepsi, because the bubbles are added to just the RIGHT proportions. LOL!!! The best part was having you there in the passenger seat right next to me to talk stories with, even if was just a short ride!!! I had a lot of fun!!!

The social was def good fun, Teri did an awesome job!!!

Have a wonderful end of the week sister.

Much Love,


These are awesome RAKs! Love this purse that Rina made too!
Jodi =)


Look at all those fabulous goodies, how fun!! Ok, what's this music playing I'm really liking it? Can't find a music deal on your blog. ~Hugs

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