Friday, August 7, 2009

Nylon flower tutorial...

here I go...I have been asked to do a tutorial on the nylon flowers I made for the girls when we got together at Denise's. So I will give it a can get these supplies at Ben are the supplies you will need:
a container (m&m bottle)
flower centers
floral tape (shown in a later picture)
from the packet of wire...just take out one...this will be enough to make 5 petals...or one flower. if you want to make your petals smaller, use a smaller round item and it can make more petals.
here's how you measure each petal (so that they are all the same)...take the wire and wrap it around the bottle...making sure there is some wire at the bottom so you can twist it together. make sure you cut the wire the same length. the size of your container or roll is what will determine the size that your petal will be.
here's an example of what it should look like once you twist the bottom of the wire.
slide it off the container...this is what it should look like...
here's all five of my petals...
now you will take your nylon comes in 3 will only need one and will use very little of the nylon for 5 petals. this is what it looks like...I chose the brown and white. there are solid colors as well that you can choose from.
now...take the edge of the nylon and stretch it around your wire...make sure you leave no "pukas" (holes or spaces) at the bottom of the loop where you have your twisted wire. this is where you will hold your petal together.
here is what I mean...I twisted the nylon ends around the base of the looped wire, I stretched the nylon and cut the excess off (but try to keep it intact so you can continue to use it to make another petal...if you make a hole in can't use that part) then used my thread (sewing) to go around the bottom...say about 5 times...pull tight and then cut the thread.
now you can add your flower center. use your thread and wrap around 5 times...pull tight again...cut thread.
repeat the steps to make each petal...then add it to the first petal...seen here...attach each one with the thread.
once you did all five's what your flower will look like. now you can bend and squeeze and make your flower look like a flower. the wire is flexible so that you can form it to what you want your flower to look like.
this is what it looks like before you add your green tape...
start at the top...base of the petals...and then go down from there...keep going and if you feel a wire sticking out or see some nylon bulging out...take the floral tape and go over that section again until there is nothing showing or poking out.
here's what it looks like once you are done wrapping the floral tape...TA-DA! you are all done! now go and make more! I guess my fingers weren't used to making so many for the get together that my finger tips hurt really bad for a few days =)
here's what it should look like once it's done!
I hope you could understand my tutorial...
it's always easier to demo and see it done in person.
if you have any questions, leave me a comment or email me. I'll try to answer them to the best of my ability. thanks for waiting for this tutorial!
have an awesome weekend!



what an awesome tutorial!



What a beautiful flower!
TFS the tutorial, Joy :*)


Very cool!! :0)


Cute flower. And super tutorial! TFS!

joni h

Great tutorial, Joy! I leave my flower in my car where I can see it everyday! Love it! Like the color of this brown one too.


Yours turned out great! I haven't tried this yet.


Thanks for the tutorial. I'll need to makes these as a project with my girls one day....


What a great tutorial Joy! This looks time consuming but you make it look so easy! I love the flower you made for me, it's a very pretty yellow one!
Jod =)

Islander Girl

Oooh cool! I remember learning this in Japan! Thanks for the tut! It really refreshed my ever aging mind (^o^)

BTW, I got the package! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! There were more stuff in it then i thought! Woohoo!!! THANKS AGAIN!



EXCELLENT tutorial, Joy! Thank you for taking the time to do this. Your flower is very pretty. Have a great weekend! Cami


thanks for sharing the tutorial!!!

Bunny-Zoe's Blog

Great Tutorial Joy, the flower is so pretty. Hope you have a great weekend. Hugs Nikki x


oh wow what a fabulous tutorial and a fantastic creation, thank you so much for sharing. hugs rachxx


Oh Wow, these are fabulous, thanks for sharing.

Vicki x

Michelle Ueligitone

Wowza Joy! This is great! I still can't believe that you made all of those for the get together. You are so crazy, but awesome too!


What an awesome tutorial and awesome flowers as well!! TFS!!!


Thanks for the tutorial Joy! I love my flower! Hope you are enjoying the weekend! Give Taelyn a hug from me...


Thanks for a great tutorial. The flower looks darling.


Great tutorial! I love my flower! Thank you for making it for all of us!!


Oh that's cool how you make them, awesome tutorial, TFS!

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