Monday, June 8, 2009

A proud moment...

18 years later...
I can't believe it...time really does fly fast and I am so amazed that this day has finally come! Graduation day...HBA graduation on June 6, 2009 @ 4:00 pm at the NBC! Look at him...all covered in leis with balloons! I am truly proud!
here's my money card for him...I wanted to make it special and personal...HBA colors are gold, white and I tried to stick to those colors...I wanted to use his picture too!
this is what the inside looks like...the top part is where I can write my note =)
here's the upclose of the bottom where the monetary gift goes...
after this Thursday...I was inspired to make a double shaker for him as well...I used the graduation Ian and I put the HBA logo on the front. I used the gold and black beads and dew drops for the back...which you can't see.
here's my personal poster~! I call him the "soccer king" so of course I used the crown and used my soccer ball stamp for the top of the crown. I got to use Teri's cricut for the letters and I stamped the 2009~
hope everyone had a great weekend...
mine was filled with graduation and 1st birthday.
have a great Monday everyone!



Congrats to Marc! I'm sure he loved seeing your Soccer King sign.

joni h

Love your stuff! So cool the school logo on Grad Ian! Ahh, graduation, now on to the rest of life! Congratulations!


Hi Joy! Love all the projects! Congrats to the Graduate :)


What wonderful cards/signs! I am sure he loved them!


the shaker is so cute!!! awesome job on all your projects!

Michelle Ueligitone

Wow Joy you did such a great job on all of these! You have been super busy with all of that too! Ordered the stuff and it is going to take like 4-5 days for them to pick them, jeez! Good thing is that they ship it next day, so hopefully it will come before you go on your trip. TTYL!


Wow...I'm sure Marc appreciated all your hard work and beautiful art! Congrats to him!!


Oh wow, all decked out in graduation balloons etc, so fun! :) Love the great cards you did up, that shaker card is awesome, great little tassels you added! xx

Islander Girl

Oh wow, you've been super busy! Everything looks wonderful and I'm sure Marc is so happy to receive all this!! Lucky guy!


Gosh Joy, you've been so busy creating these great things for Marc and I'm sure he was so happy to see the sign, then to get this neat money card. You really did a great job! Hugs, Cami


Love all of your creations and the shaker card is too what a busy weekend


Congrats Marc!! Can't wait to see all of your pics! Hope you got one of you and Tae with him :) The sign is awesome and the shaker card is perfect!! Your card to Marc is fab too! xo, Teri


Congrats to Marc!!! Is that your son? Very cute shaker card and sign!!!


Congratulations to Marc!! My daughter graduates in 3 days and I'm feeling so excited about it! I really can't believe my daughter is graduating from high school too!!

Is Marc your son? He is a handsome boy!! Your card and sign is awesome. He will definitely love what you put inside his money card. LOL!!



Congrats to Marc! Man, he looks so happy! I totally love all of your creations for him ... man sister, when do you find the time?? Do you sleep?


Congrats Sister!!! He has your beautiful smile... big big hugs from me...

Love what you've created for him too!! Great job!!!



Congratulations to Marc! I know you're proud of him, Joy. He's a very handsome young man. Love everything you made for him. I'm sure he did too. xoxo, Linda

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