Tuesday, June 16, 2009

gift box and cupcake card...

last weekend I had to go to a baby's 1st birthday party! no matter how many boxes and bags I may have...for some reason I don't have one that was just right...so I made my own. sorry gang...I had to make it in a rush...I don't have the measurements to share. but this is how it turned out? I know I made the bottom a little bit smaller than the top.
I used the DP from designer digitals...I put the DP on the top of the box as well as all the sides on the bottom part of the box...can't really see it in the picture. I added some pretty flowers and ribbon and topped the box off! of course I made a card...
the little girl's theme for her birthday party was cupcakes...so I made this card just for her! I used that one jumbo cupcake stamp from SU! paper pieced the bottom half of the cupcake...I also used the polka dot background stamp from SU as well. I used some pink bling for her sprinkles and I used crystal effects on the cherry!
I had a good time at this party...I did make a lot of things for this party, but didn't take pictures of those...100 cupcake tags and 50 cupcake gift card holders! hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! appreciate all those sweet comments!



seriously, how cute is this??!! Can't go wrong with the colors and that it is a cupcake :)


Very pretty! I just had my son's 1st birthday and I made a million cupcakes! I will check out your cupcake tags!


Very pretty!


Oh wow, love that big cupcake card and how you stuck the name on there...and the box is pretty!! Sounds like you were busy making lots of goodies! xx


Very pretty box! Love that cupcake....ca't wait to see the rest of the projects you made using cupcakes.


Cute card and box, Joy. Please post your gift card holder/tags if you still have one - love to see your creations.


So cute! I love the cupcake card :)


So cute Joy! That box looks perfect and the cupcake card just adds to it. Hey, no pictures of the tags ang GF holders ... sister don't tease us!!! LOL!



Too too cute! Love it!

Michelle Ueligitone

Ahhh Joy this is so cute! Love the little box and the card! Thank you again for my new Anya and Ian, I am so excited to use them! Good game last night, way to shut down bald guy, lol! He was annoying, lol! TTYL!


Your box turned out so pretty Joy! I love that you made a card to match the theme of the party and you personalized it too!!
Very sweet!
Jodi =)


Cute box! i love your cupcake card! Looks yummy :)


Very cute... that cupcake looks sooo yummy!!!


Islander Girl

Oooh, love the box!!! Also love the paper (wink*wink). Don't you just love digi? You can use that paper foreva! Too bad you didn't take a pic of your other creations :( Oh well, I''m more than sure it was fabulous!

BTW, I just paper pieced my Ian's hat and outfit.

Hope you're having a great day.


Great job!! Love the box and the card is so awesome! TFS


Simply sweet. All of your creations are just so darling. Thank you for sharing them.


Joy, for someone who has to do things under pressure, you surely do an excellent job! This is very cute and who doesn't want a cupcake? Love these colors and you always make nice gifts. Hugs, Cami

Paper Kisses

Way too cute!!!!


You're kidding! You made a 100 tags and gift card holders! HOly Moly! That's a lot!

Your box turne out awesome. You make such pretty 3D stuff. I love the pretty cupcake card you created . . it sure looks yummy. It's great that you personalized it too!! Keep up the great work, Joy!!



a gorgeous card and gift box. fabulous. hugs rachxx


Great job on both the box and card. So cute!! and WOW!! 100 tags and 50 gch! You are amazing! =)

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