Tuesday, May 22, 2012

 Happy Tuesday Everyone...The month of May is almost gone and we are heading into summer!  I am very busy with trying to get some projects done.  My daughter will be graduating from 6th grade tomorrow 5/30/12 and I decided to make each teacher that Taelyn had from Kindergarten to present and her special counselor who has helped us through the years (especially this year) a special basket of handmade gifts.  I think this is the last of what I will be making...lol!  I wanted to use my small post-it-notes, but I decided to use two of them side by side.  Here's all 8 of them...
 here's how I decorated the cover...I added some flower and ribbon. 
 this is what it looks like once it's open...
So this is the final set...I used all matching DP :) 
 I made a shaker checkbook cover, bind-it-all notes, a credit card holder and the mini post-it-notes.
I hope the teachers enjoy their gifts!  We (my daughter and I) have been truly blessed by Kaneohe Elementary School...the teachers, students and staff have been so kind and we are going to miss them dearly!  Thank you for all the support!  (2005-2012)...here we go to bigger and better experiences!
Have a BEAUTIFUL week!

Be Blessed,



What wonderful teacher gifts you created! I'm certain Taelyn's teachers will be thrilled to receive these beautiful and useful gifts made with so much love! Congratulations to both you and Taelyn on her graduation...wow, time sure does fly, doesn't it? Cherish and enjoy every moment!


Wow! You really made some wonderful gifts for the teachers! Can't believe your daughter is going to intermediate school already.

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