Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1st...

It's about time yah! I have been so busy with other things...I haven't had a chance to put out some candy for my past birthday! I am finally doing so...but I will definitely throw in some handmade things as well, but just haven't gotten around to doing it just yet. I wanted to put this out though as it's the 1st of March already! Where did February go?
any whoo...here's how you get a chance to win!
1) you must have commented on one of my posts in the past month...
**if not, then please don't bother trying...this candy is for the ones who come to visit me**
2) tell me when your birthday is...month and day
3) what would you like to get for your birthday

that's it! have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!
oh btw...the birthday candy will end: March 7th...I will have my daughter pick a winner the following day!

Be Blessed,



You are always so generous Joy, this is awesome candy...thanks for the chance.
My birthday is April 11. I want hubby to buy me a new camera but if thats not in the cards at this time I want some copic markers to add to my small collection.


Well what do you know, I actually left a comment! I do visit you regularly but don't always leave comments... I appreciate you visiting me so often! My b-day is November 10. If trips are out of the question, I guess I'd want a Sizzix Big Shot Pro! Though I don't know where I'd put it since its so huge. Happy belated b-day!


I love coming to your blog and have been following for a long time. My birthday is on the 10th of April and I would love to get some money ( enough to go to CHA in America in July). I know, propably not going to happen LOL so I'll have to settle for a Harley Davidson.


You are always so generous Joy! Love being inspired each time I visit! Well my bday is March 16, and what I would like to have is a magic wand to clean my house! LOL! :D

Jenny V.

Hope you had a wonderful birthday! My birthday was on January 24 and I turn 30 this year.Gosh time sure flies by so fast. Has my birthday wish I'm just so grateful to have a wonderful family, and maybe would like to get the Big Shot Pro as well hopeful next year unless they create something new again. We just have to see. Enjoy the rest of your day!


Happy Belated Birthday :) Hope it was a great one. My birthday is actually one day after this blog candy expires! March 8th..I dont know exactly what I want for my birthday. To be honest, just a nice little beach house getaway with my family :) so I can de-stress! Thank you and happy hump day ;)


such wonderful candy that you're giving away! my bday is nov. 13th and as to what i would like to get for my bday? hmmm.... i don't think i need anything. i've already been blessed with such wonderful family & friends like you! enjoy the rest of your week! take care!


what an awesome blog candy! you are always so generous! my bday is June 22. I would probably want more craft stuff even though I'm running out of space! i would like more copics because i'm so out of it i just realized now how much cheaper it is to refill them. (i've been throwing them away!) have a good day!


Hey Joy!
{Don't need to enter me in your candy . . . I just want to talk-story! LOL}

Again, Happy Birthday! You know when mines was and I think I have everything I need . . . food, shelter, family, friends, and luv! :) Have a great day!


Hey Joy...

Happy birthday...many more to come...luv your kreative ideas you share...my birthday is Oct. 29...I would I like...I guess anything I would be able to use for my kreative ideas...just happy for anything...greatful for another day to be kreative!!!

Kim Y.

You are so generous, Joy! No need to enter me in the drawing...just want to stop by and say hi...

For my birthday...I want a vacation! :)

Have a fabulous week, Joy!


You're so generous Joy...such great birthday candy! Let's see, my birthday is on September 8th and hmm...actually I've been thinking that I want a sewing machine for my birthday! I have NO idea how to sew but I kinda want to learn!! LOL :-)

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