Monday, January 3, 2011

Winner of my New Year's Candy...

Sorry Gang...been so busy and trying to get my life back in order for the new year! I just put away my tree with decorations, having fun with friends and enjoying my last day off. Okay, without further's the winner of my blog candy...

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JONI H said...
Your DD is THE best!...and your mom too! What a wonderful gift! Guess you were a good girl this year after all! LOL! Enjoy your gift!
NYR: To not expect too much from my kids, allow them to make mistakes, learn from their mistakes without my constant reminders. In other words, zip my lip.

woo-hoo Joni~ I will give Lacey your info. so she can mail you your gift certificate as soon as she returns from her trip!

Happy New Year 2011~

Be Blessed,


donna mikasa

Congrats to Joni! And guess what, Joy--our tree is still up! We'll probably wait until next week (green waste day) and it still looks pretty decent. Hope you have a great week!


congrats to joni! i can just picture her jumping up and down when she finds out that she won your candy! happy new year!

joni h

whoa! Brenda was right! I did jump up & down! Only once tho' cuz I was out of breath already! Thanks, Joy! U sure know how to start off a year on a great note!
Thx for the fun time bowling! You're really good at it! Tae too! Bumper pads, ha!

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