Monday, December 27, 2010

Wanna ring in the New Year with a bang?

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you and your family had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas! I have a story to share with you. I wanted a special camera, but I received a camera from a dear sweet friend, so I didn't get it. But my daughter had other plans. She got together with my mom to help her pay for it. so my Christmas gift was sitting under the tree. WOW! I was so blown away. here's a picture of it...I so love it!

So with that...I was also honored by Lacey at Stamp and Create. She is allowing us to give some wonderful blog candy! I chose to give a $25 gift certificate. so from now until Jan. 01, 2011 you will have a chance to win this wonderful gift! all you have to do is this...
1) leave a comment on this post

2) tell me what your new year's resolution will be

I will pick a winner on Sunday, Jan 02, 2011.

Have a wonderful and fabulous week!

Be Blessed,


Berenice R.

Hi Joy! So nice gift. My year resolution: Subscribe to a gym LOL! Thanks for the chance. Have a great week :)

joni h

Your DD is THE best!...and your mom too! What a wonderful gift! Guess you were a good girl this year after all! LOL! Enjoy your gift!
NYR: To not expect too much from my kids, allow them to make mistakes, learn from their mistakes without my constant reminders. In other words, zip my lip.


WOW! Sooo super sweet of your DD and Mom! Sorry not to have visited for so long, hope you and your family had a fantastic Christmas! and loved all the wondersful cards that you made! Ok for my keep focused on my priorities and be more organized!!! ;)


Wow, what a great gift, this was so special coming from your daughter & your mom.

My NYR I hope to tackle & organize my craft room. I said that last year but never finished, only did a few things. Now I have bought more of the stacked cubes from Mike's & hope to start & finish by the end of 2011. Think I can do it? I sure hope so. Have a great New Year Joy!

Shirley N

Lucky you, what an awesome gift! My NYR is to not sweat the small stuff and to exercise more. Sounds easy right? LOL! I hope your New Years is as wonderful as your Christmas was!


Wow!!! what a great gift!! so sweet of your DD!!! =D i was looking at that camera too! hehe! kiddies bought me a laptop, now i'm trying to figure that out! LOL

okay, so my realistic NYR is to loose weight, as it is every year (haha, think i'm going to fail this year too) and a wishful NYR is to try and use up the DP i already have before buying new ones... LOL, i know i'm going to fail that one!

terriavidreader (IN-USA)

Thanks for a chance at this yummy prize. My resolution is to get my diabetes under better control. I'm getting a new grandbaby (my first) in January - so I figured that was an extra reason to do this!


Wow, Joy, what an awesome gift! Such a wonderful family you have! My New Year's Resolution is to do start eating a better, healthier diet in 2011. Have a wonderful New Year!


wow, that's very nice of your daughter! nice camera! have fun with it! Funny, my resolution is the same as Shirley's!

donna mikasa

Hi Joy! Wow...what an awesome camera! I've always wanted one of those fancy ones--you're so lucky! My New Year resolution is to get more organized, and eat healthier, too! Thanks for a chance to win! Have a wonderful week!

Kim Y.

Wow, Joy! This is defintely one super duper NICE present!! I use my hubby's camera...I sure want my own!

My New YEar healthier, lose a few pounds, spend less, spend more time with my kids....a long list. LOL

Hope you had a great Christmas!


Aww, what a lucky girl you are! "Santa's elves" bought you an awesome gift and can't wait to see wonderful pictures taken with that camera! :)
NYR? I try not to make any because I can't follow through on my resolutions. Ok, for once ... here it is:
~Try to pick my "battles" -- when dealing with my #1 son!

~Spend "girl" time with DD since she's having the hardest time adjusting to baby.

~Be a good MAMA since I have to spread my LUV & attention around to his siblings.

~Be a better wife . . . also paying attention to the one that chose to be my long life partner!

~Thank the Lord daily for all that He has given me!

There you have it! Have a great week Joy!


Oh my goodness....what a SWEET girl you have!!!!!!! That's super...

resolutions....I have tons....but mostly dehoarding:) Use what I have kind of thing...I don't know how long I'll last...hahaha...


what a lucky duck! love that camera! your dd and mom is the best. okay, my NYR is to appreciate every moment i have here on earth because we never know when it may be our last... happy new year!


What a very thoughtful daughter you have to know just the right camera you wanted. You are blessed! Aloha, Toots


what an awesome gift for you....NYR:hmm be patient with my girls and to dehoard.


wow, your camera sounds fabulous!
my NYRR...write more


Holy macaroni! What an awesome gift from Tae and mom! Glad you had a nice and quiet Christmas, just like me. Missed having you over, but next time. What great candy you are giving away! One of my NYR is to start my holiday tags and cards early so I don't have 3 hours of sleep and have poor judgement again. That was a scary thing for me and I swear I will work hard at this! Hope to see you this week!


What a great daughter and Mom you have! One of my New Year's resolutions is to take for more time for me and for paper crafting. My kids are grown and my house cleaning can always wait a little longer.


Wowzers, Joy, you surely got one grand camera from your very thoughtful and loving daughter and Mom! You deserve this as you're always capturing great moments for everyone!
My NYR is to limit spending on crafting supplies and USE what I have already. My craft room can't get any larger LOL! AND, work on projects one month BEFORE it's needed! Keeping my fingers crossed on this! Happy New Year,


wow - what a nice christmas surprise! my NY's resolution is to KEEP my stuff organized.


What a great gift!! I was looking at another nikon too..maybe if Im good it will come for my bday ;)

NYR: Be more mindful of my reactions and responses to people. To try to get my fam settled and moved all in one piece. And to be more patient, organized, de-cluttered and optimistic!


hi joy! mine will be that once a month i will send a card to a sick child. have been thinkikng about it for a while now. happy new year!

Luciana Kajiura

Congratulations! wonderful gift!!!
Happy 2011!!!
Hugs, Luciana.


Oh WOW joy! lucky you! thats an awesome pressi! hope you have mega loads of fun with it!

My resolution is:
Smile more, laugh more and live more! cook more! and wish less, moan less and worry less!

have fun and happy new year! Samantha :0)


Hi Joy..What a great gift..and what great candy!!..Thanks so much for the chance...My resolution is: to not buy any more scrabooking use what I have


Fantastic Gift :)
My Resolution is to get out more and have fun and spend more time with friends and loved ones
thanks for the chance
hugs Nikki

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