Thursday, December 9, 2010


Sorry gang...I have been so busy now that Christmas is near and I have been trying to shop as well as take care of daily stuff that I don't have time to craft. I did have a chance to create these boxes for my mom. she will be having her mini church this week and so I wanted to make her something so she could give them. I made my own measurements, added some DP, ribbon and a sentiment to finish it's what it looks like once it's opened. I added some mints and chocolates inside the tins. I hope they will enjoy a little "sweetness" in their gift =)
Have a wonderful Thursday everyone. Another furlough Friday for me, so I will try to start to organize and wrap some gifts! maybe then I can find more time to craft. toodles!
"She shall bring forth a son,
and thou shalt call His name Jesus;
for He shall save His people from their sins"
~Matthew 1:21

Be Blessed,


Chris Olsen, Glowbug

What fun boxes Joy!! I just love the tins on the inside! I may have to case your idea. What a perfect gift!
Have a great day!!


fabbie them!


Hi Joy! Wow, can't believe I'm actually checking out some blogs this morning. Luv the tin boxes! You are the best when it comes to figuring out measurements for these boxes and 3D stuff. I miss you all and hope to get back to crafting soon . . . well, maybe in the next couple of months. :) I'm a full-time milk machine now! hee, hee! take care . . . wanna do my shopping and wrapping? :)


Great project Joy! So nice of you to make those tin boxes for your mom's mini church group.


What a cute idea! Love the little tins inside filled with some goodies. Enjoy your furlough day! ;)


These are so cute Joy! I love how tiny these tins are, it's perfect for a little treat or even some craft embellishments! Cute box you made for both of them to fit too!!
Jodi =)


great boxes! love the sweet tins inside too :)


Love the gifts! We all need a little "sweetness"! Hope you're enjoying your week sis! Hugs!


The box with the tins turned out beautifully. I can see the tins filled with embellishments for crafters on a diet. You are very creative!


These are just darling!


These are so cute and hold the perfect amounts of treats! Love the big bow with the sentiment, looks so festive! :)


i'm sure your mom is thankful to have such a crafty daughter! her friends are going to love them! can't believe how you can just whip out projects in all the madness! have a great day off tomorrow... hope you can squeeze in some crafting!


How sweet and thoughtful of you to make these cute gifts for your Mom to take to her church gathering! I'm running around not knowing where the time is going too! Hugs, Cami

Creative Grammie

How sweet you are to make these gorgeous treat boxes for your mom!
Have a great day off on Friday.

donna mikasa

Hi Joy!! You are the Queen of box making! These treat boxes are the cutest! Your mom is so lucky to have a creative daughter! Hope you had a great Furlough Friday and have an awesome weekend, too! HUGS!!

Lacey Stephens

Very cute! I bet she will love them! Hope you get some time to rest soon!! But I know how you feel!! So much to do!

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