Wednesday, June 23, 2010


1LuvnMama really is a talented and creative person...but she is also one of my dear sweet friends and I am so blessed to have her in my life. I was so blown away by this fabulous easel shaker. she used the cute WS - Jade from Roll Call, TGF. I love her as she has a little spunk in her. love the beads she used...and the punched out stars are so cute! I love everything about this card. thank you so much Mama!
here's what it looks like when the easel shaker is opened up. Its quite a large card...but I love it! not only is it in purple...but she's such a perfectionist...I can really appreciate her hard work! the sentiment is so sweet! I love these kinds of words. look at those mini stars added with purple amazing!
she also gave me some flowers w/ bling...I can't thank Mama enough! if you love what you see...go and check out her won't be disappointed.
I am ever so grateful to all of you who come by and leave me such encouraging comments. thank you! happy hump day...I will be posting my own card that I CASED from this one...tomorrow. till then...“A friend is one with whom you are comfortable, to whom you are loyal, through whom you are blessed, and for whom you are grateful.” *William Arthur Ward

Be Blessed,



Super cute card from Mama! :)


What a beautiful card from Mama! Love all of the purple shades in this card! I need to beef up my purple copic collection...yeah, lacking in some of the shades!


Ooooh! You lucky gal! Loved the card when Mama first posted on her blog. LOVE LOVE the colors! Can't wait to see your CASE gals are amazing! ;)


oh it's beautiful!!! love the added stars in the shaker!! and the sentiment is perfect for a blessed friendship!! =D


Wow, beautiful card! Lots of purple colors too and it's so neat! How wonderful to have friends like that. Have a great humpday!


She's so talented and what a blessing she is indeed!! Have a sweet joyous day as well.



Mama sure does create to perfection!! I love the color she chose for her card and the cute image!!
Hope you have a great day!
Jodi =)


very nice shaker card! love it! have a great day!

Shirley N

Isn't she really one luvn Mama?!!! She is really one talented young lady and you are one deserving young lady too! Anxious to see your creation tomorrow!

donna mikasa

Wow, Mama's shaker card is amazing and you are one lucky friend! Looking forward to seeing your card...


This is just darling!


Such a lovely card Mama made for you!


I love her sweet card, a lovely one to receive!

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