Thursday, June 10, 2010


I have been truly blessed by such wonderful friends... I received this fantastic gift from my BFF last night. We played an awesome co-ed game and then I got home to see what was in my package. I was so estatic to see this! Michelle used those plastic cases to hold your cling stamps from SU. she really went all out to decorate this.
look at this awesome idea! she turned it into a notebook set! I love it! so I may have to CASE this one! Isn't this the most cutest thing ever!
okie on to something else that tickled me pink last night! Michelle gave me some EYE CANDY!!! woo-hoo! Introducing Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal. Get ready ladies...if you want to see some "eye candy" and some fabulous soccer...the World Cup starts this Friday! look at those ABS...its to die for...and the face is easy to look at too! heehee!
have a FAB Thursday...I will now that I got this magazine...hahaha!
till next time..."I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion" ~Mia Hamm

Be Blessed,



Oh too cute!!! Love what Michelle created for you!! very handy!! CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! and eye candy!!! awwwww!!! hehe!! Happy Thursday sister!! have a good one!


Whatta cool giftie and good grief, I gotta start watching soccer:)


That is such a great set from Michelle... and she said she lost her mojo? She definitely found it! Love the eye candy too... hehehe!


Adorable idea for the cases!! Michelle is so great at that!! Great eye candy too!
Hope you are having a great day!!
Jodi =)

Shirley N

I agree with Brenda--Michelle definitely did not lose her mojo! That's a pretty neat gift set!


So nice gift from Michelle, she is super talented. TFS :)

donna mikasa

What a neat gift from Michelle! And fab eye candy for you!

Michelle U

Haha...did you sleep last night? I forgot to tell you that the little note book case thingy is my June CPC project. The instructions will be up on the website at the end of the month. Glad you liked it. More drama about the house, ugh. I have had a headache since this all began and it hasn't gone away. Home inspection on Monday and then I guess we will see after that. I'll let you know. I think the SU stuff is coming today too. TTYL!



That is a great gift Joy! Can't believe Michelle has the time to do all her crafting with the house stuff! I hear it's move in time in a couple of weeks. :)

OMGosh! You along with hubby will be watching the World Cup. But I bet you'll be watching the pretty faces instead of watching the game huh? hee, hee! :) Have a great day!

Islander Girl

You are too funny! That Michelle is just way too creative! And such a great friend!

Have a great day!


That gift is so cute and totally wort 'casing' - is that even a word?
I am going to be at the Opening Ceremony today and I can not wait, Go BAFANA!! (in case you don't know, that is the name South Africans gave the SA team.) It is an African word that means 'our boys'. Come and visit my blog for some info and pics of the ceremony. I have some from the final dress rehearsal and I am hoping for some more tonight. Enjoy and please support Bafana.


Hi Joy!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and the sweet comment! =) Hopefully I'll be able to post more when I start furlough next month. I love this gift your recieved from your BFF! It is so beautiful! TFS! Hope you have a great weekend! Hugs, Enjoli


Hi Joy!

Wow, look at that ... I can't believe it ... I would never have thought of decorating the case ... FAB IDEA ... sked of your BFF!! You guys make a great pair of creators!

Have a great weekend!



Hi Joy,

WOW, hats off to your BFF Michelle. You are truly lucky to have a friend as talented as you. Have a great weekend.


joni h

umm, forgot what I was gonna write cuz I got distracted by Mr. ABS! OK, I cleared my head! whew!
WOW! Michelle's gift is awesome! She, like you, is so super creative, it blows my mind! And all this while she's got a plate full of moving! Unreal! Have fun watching FIFA!


that is a very nice and creative gift you received! have a great weekend!


OMGosh, Joy, Michelle and you are both so creative! Yep, like two peas in a pod coming up with great ideas! Who would've thought of using these acrylic boxes to make such a great gift! Lucky you! Hugs, Cami

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