Sunday, May 31, 2009

SuperStar Blog Candy...

***update...this blog candy is now closed***
thank you for all who has played...I will pulling a name shortly and will post it soon!
***this post will stay on the top until May 31, 2009***
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my daughter came home from school and told me that she was selected by her teacher to receive the SUPERSTAR award! woo-hoo! that means she accomplished a few things...Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Resourcefulness & Relationships...
with that she has to be a...Self Directed Learner, Community Contributor, Complex Thinker, Quality Producer, Effective Communicator and Technology User. This is the first time she achieved this award! Go Taelyn! (this is a picture of her and her teacher) so what better way to celebrate this special occasion...give away BLOG CANDY! I've been meaning to do this for a while, but never got around to doing so. I started my blog in July of 2008 and have already reached 36,000 hits! here's what I have to give away:
60 - 12x12 designer paper
2 - cuttlebug embossing folders
1 - hello kitty bathing suit sizzix die
1 - package of prima flowers
1 - cool carribean ink pad
1 - sheriff Ian stamp
1 - roll of double sided tape
4 - packets of bling
5 - rolls of ribbon
1- black & white brads
1 - packet of mixed dew drops
2 - Imaginisce clear stamps
1 - large hero art stamp
3 - decorative scissors
1- sizzix rub-ons
1- rob & bob studio gelly-o frames
1 - petal embellishments
1 - packet of rings
1 - bag of chipboard letters
I decided to add 25 chipboard coasters...
whew...I'm tired just listing all of that!
there has to be a catch right?...of course...just a few =)
1) must click on follow my blog...
if you already subscribed, don't worry you still will count
2) mention this blog candy on your blog
3) leave me a comment on this post with a link to your blog
4) you can only enter once
5) answer this question: would you rather be...HOT or COLD? and why?
this post will stay on the top until the blog candy giveaway ends...what's the date you ask? I've decided that May 31, 2009 will be the deadline. I will put everyone's name in the bag...have my daughter pull out 3 names...and from those 3 names she'll pick one! good-luck to everyone! I'll post the winner the following day!



Awesome blog candy Joy! Congrats on Taelyn's award.
Answer to your question, I rather be cold because you can bundle up, if your Hot, there is nothing you can really do, maybe go around in swim wear? LOL I already have hot flashes, don't need anymore heat!!


Thanks for the blog candy!! I'd rather be cold cause I like wearing boots and coats and sweaters!


wow girl awesome candy...Congrats to Taelyn tell her she go girl must be a proud mommy. Hmm since i live in a majority rainy place i miss the hot weather especially in HI nei...crazy i know...

Kelli B

Awesome blog candy Joy! Congratulations to Taelyn- what a distinguished honor. I'd like to be cold b/c you can always bundle up more. I'm naturally hot blooded, so I always feel hot when everyone else is cold :|. Thanks for the chance to win! here's the link to my blog (sorry I forgot the first time)


Whoohoo Taelyn!! Congratulations on your accomplishment!! You must be so proud of your daughter, Joy!! Your daughter is a sweetheart!! Congratulations on your 36K hits too!! Whoohoo! It's no wonder. . .your blog is AWESOME!!

Here is the link to my post:

Just wanted to let you know, your "follow me" isn't showing up! I'll come back later!!



Congratulations Joy and Taelyn - it is such an honor - you must be so proud of her. I like the cold - can always bundle up but not so good for the arthritis.


Congratulations Taelyn! Yummy blog candy Joy!! Thank you for the opportunity!! Ok let's see, I would be HOT! I really don't like the cold, so I would rather be hot and wear shorts and flip flops...all day everyday!!!

My blog link:


Congrats to Taelyn and to you too for 36,000 hits. Wow everyone loves your creation because I sure do. Well for your answer to your question I rather be HOT!Because I'm HOT!!!! Just kidding LOL. Another fact about me is that I'm actually allergic to cold weather the medical term is called urticaria. Strange but it's true. When it's really cold I break out with hives. So when I go to a cold climate I need to keep myself warm with layers and layers of clothing. I'm not the only one with this problem some of my family has it and also my boss at work. I really like the cold weather because I love to dress with coat, boats,and scraf. Have a great day. Have a great day!!!


Islander Girl

WOW! What a blog candy! You are such a generous person!! So many goodies!!!

I'll post the link on my blog!

CONGRATULATIONS to your adorable daughter!!! You definitely did a wonderful job raising her and it shows!!!

I'd rather be cold, hate sweating. However I love summer but would still rather be cold, at least you can layer! Where as if it's hot and you're down to your bathing suit how much further can you go? LOL!

Now go celebrate with that awesome daughter of yours!! (^o^)


Sassy Scrapin'

Awesome blog candy Joy! Congrats on Taelyn's award.
To answer to your question, I rather be cold because you can bundle up, if your Hot, there is nothing you can really do...and I live in Texas, so it's NEVER REALLY cold for that long ;-)

My blog address is

Adding your candy post there and am now a follower!


Hi Joy! Congratulations to Taelyn. You must be so proud.
I'd rather be hot, love summer time :) Thank you for the chance.
Here is my link


Congrats to your beautiful daughter. What an honor to have such a talented girl!
You blog candy is Out of the World. That HK die ...I almost fainted.
I would much rather be hot than cold. If I get cold I'm crabby. :-)
Thanks for the chance to win.

Here is my link

Michelle Ueligitone

holy cow Joy! So much stuff! I know Taelyn is a superstar already! Good for her, we are so proud! Can't wait to congratulate her on Saturday! TTYL!


Wow, so cool! Congrats to your daughter. I've linked you on my sidebar
and I'm a new follower to your fabulous blog!


Sorry, forgot to answer. I would prefer to be cold cause you can bundle up. But I could stand to be hot as long as I was near water. Lucky you, being in Hawaii!


Wow! Congrats to Taelyn!!! What an honor! I guess I would rather be hot because I have a hard time in cold weather. I break out in hives. Thats a lot of blog candy you have!!!

terriavidreader (USA - IN)

Wow! Giving us the candy for your daughter's accomplishments. Tell her that those are life lessons, and she's well on her way to accomplishing whatever she wishes. I'll be happy to list this on my candy blog Here. And I'd rather be cold because you can sometimes quickly change that to warm and it's much harder to get cooler when you're Hot!


Hey Joy, I forgot to answer your hot or cold question. I prefer to be hot. . .I wear sweat pants, sweat shirt and socks at home because I'm always cold. LOL!! I have cold intolerance. It doesn't help that we have central air conditioning. I'm always freezing.



Congrats to your daughter, I just became a follower you are my first I'm following, Thanks for the chance to win I prefer cold cause you can layer to warm up and you can hide extra weight Hehe ;)

Carole RB

Hi Joy
Mom must be very proud of her daughter. Congrats on Taelyn's award.
You have a huge blog candy. Thanks so much for a chance to win.

I'd rather be cold because we can always add cloths but when we're a certain point we can't take off more...

I'm a follower but I don't have a blog yet!


WHOA SISTER, you must be sooo proud of Taelyn! Great Big Hugs to Taelyn and to you for being such a great role model! Great job Mommy!!

I rather be cold b/c I have enough insulation to keep myself warm and when I'm hot, I feel pretty miserable.



I've sub to you thru google reader. I don't have a blog yet but I'll def tell my friends about your post! :) I would prefer to be HOT. I absolutely detest the cold. :) Congrats to your beautiful daughter!

joni h

What a great award for your daughter! Congratulations!
Your blog is awesome so your hits are well deserving!
COLD - Go Team Edward!!!

Paper Kisses

Congrats to you and your daughter! I know when my son got that award I was super happy too! And woohoo 36,000 hits! You go girl!
I prefer to be hot. I have this thyroid problem so I am ALWAYS cold! I hate it!

Char in So Cal

Congrats on your DD's award!! She has such a cute smile! Oh and CONGRATS on 36k in hits!

I don't have a blog of my own but I am a follower of your blog AND I do have e-mail and I have sent a link to your site to all my crafty gal pals!

Thanks for the op to win some YUMMY blog candy and CHEERS to the next 36k in hits!

Char in So Cal
{scrampaddict} {at} {cox} {dot} {net}


Hey Joy ~ Congratulations to Taelyn! You must be so proud! I got chicken skin reading about her award! And congrats on your 36,000 hits - YOU ROCK! Regarding your question, I'd much rather be cold than hot b/c I'm a chubster and with my xtra padding I'm always hot! Big hugs, Linda

Char in So Cal

Forgot to add that I would much rather be HOT than cold!!!! I HATE COLD!!! I am at my worst when I am cold, hungry or tired and if I am all three at the same time: WATCH OUT!! LOL
I think I hate cold because, to me, being cold physically hurts and is extremely uncomfortable. Sorry for the rant but I REALLY hate being cold ;0)

Char in So Cal -> warm place!!
{scrampaddict} {at} {cox} {dot} {net}


Great job Taelyn and Mom!It's so rewarding when your child receives the notice they earn by hard work on their own. And you have your own hard work on your blog . Thanks for the goodies for one of us in blogland!
I guess I would rather like it hot. If my feet are cold, I am miserable.Living in Michigan, we get some of each type of weather every year. I'm a subscriber and follower but no blog.


Hi Joy,
You must be so proud, Taelyn is a beautiful young lady and a credit to you.
I prefer "hot", I really don't like being cold as I get terrible earache. It very rarely gets very hot over here in the UK so when it does we have to make the most of it.
Thanks for offering this amazing candy, I will link you in my sidebar.
Jen x

Gina Wrona


Happy Friday!
I'd rather be cold because I could always add "layers" vs. hot when you can only take off so much,kwim?

My blog is: FROM: My Pad TO: Yours



Absolutely love your site. Followed someone else's post of the blog candy. And I of course signed up to follow your blog. I look forward to seeing your creations.

Your question of hot or cold is extremely challenging. Each has their own frustrations.

But I think I'm going to have to say that I'd rather be cold. Because my husband and I love campfires. So, if we're camping and we're cold, we build a campfire. If we're at home and we're cold...well, then it's a fire in the wood burning stove!

Also, in cold weather, one can always go out and exercise and warm up. There's nothing more fun than snowshowing in tons of snow or riding your bike on a cool day. Both will get you warmed up in no time! =)

Feel free to come visit my blog.


CONGRATS JOY on your 36,000 hits! YOU ROCK!! You are, and forever shall be, my idol!!! hehe :)

Here's the link:

AND, I'd most definitely prefer cold... you can always put on a jacket and be warm! But HOT, YUCK!!

Have a great day and CONGRATS to you AND TAELYN!!!!


Congratulations Joy and Taelyn!!
You've got some awesome blog candy here!
I'd rather be cold, you can always put something on but if you're hot, you can't leave your house with anything less than a bathing suit. Well, you could but would have to face the consequences.. LOL!
Here is my PostHugs,
Jodi =)


Wowee! When you told me about the blog candy, I didn't think it was a wagon full! I am so proud of Taelyn, she's just like my little girl too, you know how jealous Nolan is when I give lots of attention to my princess! Congrats Taelyn!! Hot or Cold? I'll be different and say I rather be hot because you can always sit in an A/C room to cool off or go down to the beach! The warm tropical weather here reminds ne of how lucky we are to live in our beautiful paradise! See you soon! hugs, Teri P.S. you know the link to my blog :)


Hello Joy!!

Wow, you have a lovely daughter!!

Thanks for sharing tis GREAT candy! Someone, somewhere will be very happy with it... I can only dream it's me! :)

I prefer Hot... and than have a cool, fresh drink!! I love sumertime, makes me happy!

Sweet greetings,

**your blog is at my candy-bar (photo and link)**


Congratulations on that super duper award- how exciting!!!

What great blog candy you will be sharing with someone-good luck to everyone, thanks for the chance to win!

And, last but not least.
I would much rather be cold, then you can snuggle wuggle with your blankies, puppy and hubby with some hot cocoa! My favy!!!



Hi Joy Congrats to Taelyn and to you too for 36,000 hits.
Fantastic blog candy and I would love to win as supplies are in short supply here in Bahrain. Plus its hot and I do prefer the cold so I can wrap up warm in all those lovely winter clothes.

Hugs Linda


Aloha Joy,
CONGRATULATIONS to you and your beautiful daughter. You are a proud mommy :)

WOW! What a lovely blog candy you have here. Thank you for the chance to win this yummy candy. I followed you not long ago. I'll put your blog candy in my side bar after I finish here. Hot or Cold? I prefer to be cold because you can use thick clothes to warm you up.

Happy Aloha Friday!


Hello! Congratulations to you! What's a candy! I've linked your candy on my sidebar under the section "Blog Candy".
I'd rather be hot, because I like Summer very much!!!
Thanks for a chance to win!



Hello! Lovely candy! My link is
And I'd rather be neither hot not cold, I'd prefer to be... warm... because I'm patient ans calm/


Well done Taelyn, what a clever young lady you are.
I have added you to my sidebar which you can see here. I also become a follower. Which would I rather be cold then I can have the heating on and snuggle up to my husband which is one of the things I love to do most. Aaah.
Happy crafting.
Kim xXx


Congrats for you and your sweet daughter! What wonderful blog candy you have put together to celebrate.
Just joined your followers and I’ll leave a link on my sidebar.

I love HOT! I love the sun and summer! COLD is in winter und I don't like it! When I have much money I would to move in a land with only sun! :-))

Greetings from Germany


Congratulations to your daughter! I can imagine how proud you must be! I'm a follower and here's my link . I'd rather be hot: I like long summer days, beautiful summer clothes and lots of sunshine! Thanks for offering such great candy! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies


Hi Joy,
I discovered your blog while reading my email. Way to go on your popular blog!
Thanks for the chance to win such awesome blog candy...what a treasure of goodies! You are too generous!!
In answer to your question..since I live in the north, I would prefer to be HOT! Why? Because after going through winters with wind chill's of -0, the only thing I can think of is living some where "HOT"!!! lol
Once again, thanks for the chance to win some terrific goodies and have a great day.


Hi Joy!

Congratulations to Taelyn on her award!

I'd rather be cold - like a lot of people it seems! Can always put more layers on to snuggle if you're cold!

Thanks for the chance to win such great candy (wasn't sure if it applied to UK, but if not no worries). I've become a follower and put a link on my blog anyway.



Congrats to Taelyn for receiving the Superstar award and to you for all those visits!

I would rather be hot because I am always cold. Living in WI, we definitely have more than our share of cold weather, so that doesn't help matters.

I've become a follower of yours, and am off to link you on my blog (right side column).

Thanks for the chance to win these fantabulous goodies :)


Cardmaking Galore

Hi there, well done to your little one! Thanks for the chance to win this fab blog candy. You really have a great blog too.

I have left a link on my sidebar and become your follower. Now to the question. Really difficult to decide but I would say HOT as it means HOlidays, Holidays Holidays. I get to go to the beach, travel so definitely HOT!


A big CONGRATS to both you, Joy, and Taelyn on these wonderful accomplishments! Joy, you spread so much Aloha across the nation and have made friends beyond measure. This is obvious! Taelyn, you have done a wonderful job in school and deserve this top honor of SUPERSTAR! Answer to your question: I'd rather be COLD because you can layer on clothing, snuggle up, have a warm cuppa, read a book or craft all day! Hot? Nah! Can't run around in my birthday suit eh? LOL! Hugs, Cami
Link to my blog:


A big CONGRATS to both you, Joy, and Taelyn on these wonderful accomplishments! Joy, you spread so much Aloha across the nation and have made friends beyond measure. This is obvious! Taelyn, you have done a wonderful job in school and deserve this top honor of SUPERSTAR! Answer to your question: I'd rather be COLD because you can layer on clothing, snuggle up, have a warm cuppa, read a book or craft all day! Hot? Nah! Can't run around in my birthday suit eh? LOL! Hugs, Cami
Link to my blog:


Hi Joy! Congrats. Heard about you through Paperkisses blog. Here's to many more hits and success.
I would rather be hot because when its too cold I'm demotivated to be creative to busy trying to get warm. When your hot you got water, ice cream, and sweet stuff to bring the temperature down.


Thanks for giving us all a chance to win this wonderful candy =) And my answer to the question is: I always thought that I would rather be cold than hot....because I can always do something about it to keep warm.....if I am hot, I cannot do anything to feel cool. Also, congrats on the many of hits you accomplished!! That's A LOT!!!!


Congrats!!! :) I am a follower and I love your candy! I also linked the giveaway at

Oh! And I would rather be cold because I do not like sweating!


How wonderful for you and your beautiful daughter, congratulations! I have posted about your blog giveaway on my blog here:

I don't care for either extreme, cold or hot, but if I had to be one or the other, I say cold because I hate to sweat, and I can always pile on the blankets when I'm cold! :o)


Agus :)

Hi! lovely blog candy!! thanks for the chance to win :) Im going to link your blog right now!

Here is my blog.




Congrats to you for raising such a beautifully talented young lady!!! Spectacular award!

I would rather be hot because I love growing things and enjoying the oudoors in the summer. Pretty much summer year round here in Texas, though! :)

Thank you for sharing your sweet girl's fabulous accomplishment. I know you are so very proud of her!


Congratulations to Taelyn- what a Wonderful honor!! I prefer to be cold....mainly cause I have been going through hot flashes.
I have linked your Fabulous candy on my blog....and am now a Follower of your Amazing blog!!...Thanks for sharing!!...Ila

Justa Ann Nabors

Beautiful daughter,you did a good job with her.It shows.
Love the goodies.
I had rather be hot. I freeze all the time anyway. Love summer.
Thanks for sharing!!


Crafty Nanny

Hi Joy, love your blog! Congrats to your daughter on winning her award...she's a cutie!!
Awesome blog candy!!
I would rather be cold....I love to snuggle up in my afhgan, with a cup of hot tea and my laptop.
Here is a link to my site... I'm off to post your blog candy giveaway!!
Thankyou for the opportunity to win this great prize!


Dahlin' sistah that's a super Yummy candy there... Oh oh I wanna win hehehe. I will post on my blog for mo' artsie peeps to play... whooo hooo. sistah I have something for ya just haven't quite finished it hehehe Thanks again for the lovely RAK.....


I added your candy on my blog's sidebar.

Would I rather be hot or cold? I would say cold because you can add layers. When you're hot, there's a limit to how many items of clothing you can remove!

Scrap Jaci

Thanks for the chance to win...congrats to your daughter. I am now a follower and I posted on my blog on the blog candy page. I would rather be cold, then I can get snuggi under a blanket.


Congratulations to your daughter!

As for your question id rather be cold, you can drink hot cocoa to warm you up!

I am now a follower and posted on my blog!!


Congrats to you both! I do not have a blog, but I thought I would try for the blog candy anyways. I hope that's ok. thank you for all you inspirational ideas and for the chance to win! Also, I would rather be cold, because it would be a great excuse to crawl under the cover and watch tv or read a book!


Hi! I love your blog! I just subscribed. To answer the question, i would rather be cold. There's always things you can do or wear to get warm. Thanks


Hey Joy,

Congratulations to Tae!!! She is an exact replica of YOU.... great of the accomplishments that she has acquired!! Our children are such blessings... they grow up too fast. Congrats to you to on this.... great job mommy!!!!

Congrats on reaching 36K hits... that's sooo much in such a quick amount of time. U so talented that's why!!! Love all your creations, and I'm sure many around the world does too!!1

Great set of candi pieces...



I'd rather be COLD, because at least I can put MORE clothes on to keep warm....



Sweet blog candy and your blog is great... I'll definitely enjoy following you! :)
If I Must choose, I'd say being cold is better cuz you can always put more clothes on, vs being too hot where you can only get so naked! LMBO! he he he


Hi! I just found your blog and will post your link on my blog at:

Lynne in NI

Hi Joy
I can feel how proud you are of your daughter from here!! She sounds like a very special girl!
Thanks for the chance of winning your lovely candy - I've linked you on My BlogLynne


You have a wonderful blog!!!!
Thanks for the chance to win this great candy.
I linked it on my sidebar.
I'm now a follower of your blog!
I like it HOT because red is my favorite color. :O)

Greetings from Germany


Congratulations to you & your daughter! All moms know that it definitely takes a team effort.

Thanks for doing a great blog w/ such wonderful ideas.

I rather be cold because I'm one of those that when it gets hot, I have the perpetual upper lip sweat bead :) Yikes!

Thanks for the opportunity for some candy!



Wow! Lots of entries! Your blog is so much fun to visit and I'm excited to have found it! Let's see, I would say that I would rather be cold...reason being is that you can always put on more clothes to get warmer if you get too cold!
My blog
Thanks for doing this!
~ Yarn ~


Congrats on your blog. Great candy and oodles of hits. I have linked your blog to mine. Thanks for the chance.


Wow!! Major blog candy!! Congrats Taelyn and you on your accomplishments!! I'm so happy for the both of you. =) I think Id rather be cold.. Then you can snuggle and drink hot cocoa! heheh!!



ow amazing candy hun, i'm delighted i found your blog it's brilliant. Hmm hot or cold? EASY! Hot i'm a real cold creature! I'm never warm and always shivering, Hugs, Tash


OMG! Great Candy! I would prefer the cold, I just love busting out my mainland attire!

I don't have a blog but I am a follower.



I would rather be cold because I always know that I can put on clothes or blankets or cuddle up next to the fireplace to get warm. Great blog candy, Ive become a follower and added your candy to my blog. Thanks for the chance to win.



I love your blog, such inspiration! I will check back often! I have added a link back to you on my blog!
To answer the ?, I would rather be cold, At least you can put on layers of clothes, gloves,scarf,thick socks, etc. If you are hot, You cant exactly walk around naked to try and keep cool. LOL!!! : )
Hugs, Dannette

Drea S.

Wow, awesome candy! Thanks for the chance to win it. I just linked your candy on my new sidebar.
Your blog is terrific!

Drea S.

Drea S.

uups, totally forgot No. 5. I'd rather be cold, because blue is my favorite!


Hey Joy! Thanks for the chance at such yummy candy! No question... I'd rather be cold. It's way funner to wrap up in front of a cracklin' fire than to sit in front of a fan. :)


I'm your follower #100 :) Nice ^-^
You candy is so beautiful!!!
Thanks for the chanse to win.
I've linked you candy to my sidebar.

Hope I correctly understood your question:
Hot - because funny, impulsive, and very energetic.


Hi Joy! Congratulations on your hits and to Taelyn for winning her award! She's so awesome! =)

As for your question...I'd rather be cold. It gives me an excuse to stay in bed all bundled up and living in Hawaii, it gives me a chance to wear some of my winter clothes...hehehe!

Have an awesome weekend! =)


Congrats on your many hits, Joy. Taelyn, congrats on your Superstar Award. You rock girl!!!

I'd rather be hot. I'm a Florida girl and am a big wimp when it comes to cold weather. I hate having to bundle up in all those heavy clothes.

Thanks for a chance to win your awesome blog candy.

I linked you at my blog:


Hi Joy, what a fab prize you are offering, I love visiting your blog for inspiration and the answer to your question would have to be Cold, because then I could snuggle up in a huge duvet and get warm!

Vicki x

jeanie nieva

already a follower, posted your blogcandy in my sidebar...and iw ould rather be cold. congrats on your hits! :)


Hi Joy
Congrats on all those Hits :)
I'm following you ant linked you HereI'd Rather be cold I can alway's put more clothing on and can sleep on a cold nite but Hot nites just keep me tossing and turning .
Thanks for the Chance
Nikki C


Hi Joy,
congrats to you both - your girl looks like sunshine itself in the photo ^_^ And what a great candy you are offering! Thank you for the chance to compete :)

I would rather be cold because I am a passionate knitter and love wool - you can always layer up in socks, shawls, sweaters, wristwarmers, mittens, hats... And because I am originally from Finland and now residing in Norway, I know cold ;P

Cheers from the fjord-country,

ps. joined your followers and linked you in my candybar ^_^


im a follower 2 and i rather be cold cues im 7 monthes pregnant and i live in israel and its way to hot for me now!

thanks carmel


Joy,congratulations with so gigantic many hits in such a short time!!
My answer to your question is COLD. I get grumpy if it is too hot and feel like doing nothing.I just love snow scenes.
will put a link on my blog
Greetings from Riane.



Allissa Designs

Hi there thank you for allowing us all the chance to win your superlicious candy. Bless your heart. I like to be cold as you can always add more layers to keep warm...if your cannot remove anything to coll i strange?? lol

I have placed a pic on my blog sidebar linking back to your blog.

You can visit my blog by clicking my name above or

Thank you again

Hugs and happy blogging. You have a real sweetie there :-)

Aka Allissa Designs.

Allissa Designs

PS. I have now become a follower too!


awesome blog candy! and awesome girl! congratulations! Hope to have a chance to win :-)


Oops I didn't mention the answer, I am COLD, because I prefer cold colors rather than Hot :-)

Meital T

such a sweet girl!

i am defenetly HOT. i like hot weather, hot clothes and hot people.

here is my blog:


I love hot summer weathe so I would prefer hot.

Thank you for giving us the chance to win that great candy.

I have put a link to your candy on my blog's side bar.Best regards from sLOVEnia,



wow! it took me a while to understand I know the background song! is that utada hikaru? I love her!
so anyway. thanks for this great giveaway! and congrats for your little superstar!

I would prefer to be cold. cause I can sit in bed, warming myself up with a cup of hot chocolate and my tv ^^
I blogged it here:



Congratulations Taelyn! Great Job! I'd much rather be cold. I love snuggling under a warm blanket.

Great Blog Joy!


Winnie and Patty

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, do I want to win this blog candy!!!! And I'd much rather be COLD than HOT. My hormones help me enough with the hot flashes. I can always put on MORE clothes, but you can get arrested for taking your clothes off in public! LOL My blog is Thanks so much & good luck to me! Patty

Handmade by Vivi

Oh, congratulations to you little daughter Joy!! wow, and award!?!?!
!!! this is awesome !!!!
and OH MY GOD!!
your candy is fantastic!! I'll keep my fingers very very crossed to win it!!
Many thanks for the chance to win!
and if I prefer hot or cold?! I have to pick hot... love to be on the beach... wear flip flops... have chocolate ice cream all the time!!



Handmade by Vivi

Oh I forgot to mention that I became a follower and linked your candy on my blog!


A Superstar-award? Sounds really great! Congratulations with her achievement!
Your candy looks too nice to be true... Thank you so much for the chance on these awesome goodies!!
I've followed you, will link you, commenting now, only once, and I'd rather be cold.. (all the little catches done!) If you're really cold you can always get a warm bath and dive into your bed, and if you're really hot there isn't so much to do after taking a cold shower.. I hate sleeping when it is hot..
Thanks again for the chance!
X, Ava


Congratulations! What an awesome achievement, and what great candy too! I'd rather be hot since you can also get a nice tan with the sun!


Hi Joy! Congrats on Taelyn receiving such a great honor!! To answer your question, I'd rather be COLD because I can always put more clothes on, but don't really want to be running around naked when I'm hot! :D


Congrats to your daughter
1. done
2. done
4. cool bananas
5. Cold, cause you can always bundle up to get warmer; with HOT you can only strip down so far.


10x for the nice candy and the chance to win.
i love the summer - so i have to say hot is my favorite:)
here is a link to my blog -


Congratulations to mommy and Taelyn. I have been following your blog for awhile with a link on my blog but have not signed up to "follow" until this post. Your work is very inspiring. Thank you for sharing them. I especially love the Hello Kitty items. Hot or cold? Of course cold. With the humid weather we have been having lately, I really would like it to get little colder. I spent my childhood in S. Korea and I do miss having four seasons at times. Here is the link to My blog. I posted your candy on my right side bar. Mahalo. :-)


Congratulations to proud mother on your daughter's super star award. Good job to both of you!

I would rather be cold than hot cause I love wearing winter/warm clothes and drinking coffee.

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Congrats to Taelyn:) Thats an incredible achievement for a lady so young.

I'd Rather be Hot, because cold is just NOT sexy. There is no WAY to feel like you're the bomb when when you're twitching and lurching and can't operate yourself properly. I mean really. Allow me to explain, You see my husband is a VERY attractive man ala George Clooney look alike, and well I can't be seen by him tweaking out like that. I MUST be be in full control of my aparatai at all times:)

Right then so there you have it:) I've been following your blog for a while, and even so, like the dork I am I tried to find the follow button and panicked when it wasn't visible, then i looked down to see my lil pic right there! lol
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Blessings & Good Luck to everyone who has entered:)

nicky w.

Hi Joy!!! Congratulations to Taelyn...that's awesome!!! Keep up the good work Taelyn!

I think I would rather be cold...I love snuggling up in my Chococat blanket. OK, the warmer blanket is my sheepy one. I like to sleep with both. But now that it's so hot, I have a hard time sleeping...and I don't get to snuggle up in my blanket.

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Congrats to to your adorable daughter! And on your 36000 hits!!
Great blog candy! Thanks for the chance to win!
I'm your follower now and I posted a link on my blogI'm hot because I'm very emotional and sometimes can not hear voices of reason:)

Tidbits of my Life

What an AWESOME candy, and congratulations on your daughters award. Thank you for sponsoring this candy. Good Luck to everyone, and happy Saturday.

Her Tale In Time

oh hope im not too late!! just added myself as a follower! '.~ and posted a message on my blog, along with a link to your blog. -i would rather be cold. reasoning is when your hot and youre wearing the smallest amount of clothes on there is no way to take off more clothes unless youre home alone hehe. whereas if you are cold you can put on as many layers as you can! and even cuddle under the covers with your loved ones. and watch a nice movie about being warm lol.


Congratulations to your daughter! ... I'm a follower of your blog and have linked the Candy to my blog.
I like it hot ... but not too hot ;)
Greetings from Vienna,


Congratulations to your daughter! I live in Colorado and was raised in Corpus Christi, so... I like being both hot and cold. Cold, if I'm enjoying the snow in Colorado or hot, if I'm on the beach in Corpus. I'm happy no matter what.


Congrats on your daughters award! I am a follower of your blog and would love a chance to win your wonderful blog candy! I have linked it to my sidebar.
Have a wonderful day and thanks for the chance to win

Monika Reeck

I am newbie in Blogger..just see your blog candy and already being your follower...I LOVE THE SONG IN YOUR BLOG how can I put a song on a blog...would you please teach me?many thanks before..

I like HOT, cause in my land Indonesia is always HOT but in here Germany I live with my Husband and dont like the cold in winter...I wish I could living in Indonesia again..

Thanks for the chance to win your regards to you and your Taelyn, she is so cute..

I put your blog candy in my Blog too and
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