Friday, May 8, 2009

Inspired Daily...

I am so INSPIRED daily by so many of my blogging sisters and I just wanted to recognize them and tell them thank you for all that you do! You make me want to create even when I'm tired or sad or think that I can't do this anymore...simply said...thank you! Your encouraging, thoughtful and cheerful comments left on my blog to let me know you stopped by, makes me smile =) I am blessed to have all of you touch my life and become my friend...(even those of you who don't have a blog but come to visit and leave me a note)
here are the rules...
1) link back to the person who gave it to you
2) put the picture/award on your blog
3) you can nominate anyone and as many as you choose
4) leave a fact that no one knows about you
5) leave a comment on the blog that gave you this award
***fact: I have all my dvds in alphabetical order
so here's to you...
big Hugs and mahalo to all of you!



THANK YOU JOY!! YOU are my inspiration by being such a great Mom to your daughter and such a great friend to all that care about you! This will be fun to learn something about our sisters that we don't know about.

I can't believe you have all your DVDs in alpha order ... LOL!!!

Paper Kisses

Hey Joy, you are just raking in all these awards ah! Good for you girl you SO deserve them! And you are always so kind to pass one on to me (tear :() lol! Thank you so much for always thinking of me but I agree with Sister Kyoks cause you are an inspiration to me too. Thanks again and have a Happy Mother's Day!

Bunny-Zoe's Blog

Thank you so much Joy, You have really made my day and are the sweetest! Your comments always make my day. Wishing you a wonderful weekend and Happy Mothering Sunday! Big Hugs, Nikki x


THANK YOU VERY MUCH JOY!!! :) I am very lucky to have a very caring and talented friend like you! You too are an inspiration in all that you do! I send you a HUGE HUG!! I just want to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving nice comments! It's very motivating to read all the comments from such talented and inspiring friends like you! :) Have a great weekend!!

Islander Girl

OMG!!! You're too nice!!! You first of all deserve the awards!!! Your blog is truly an inspiration and you're such a sweet person!!!

Hopefully we can meet up w/the other Hawaiian bloggers...I'm tryin' to put together a get together here at my community clubhouse...hopefully we can find a day that'll work for everyone!

Hope you're having a wonderful Aloha Friday!!!


Thank you so much Joy! Thank you for the RAK too, what a nice surprise I got in the mail... like I said before, it's nice to get something in the mail that's NOT BILLS!!!! hahaha!!!

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart, you are one of the sweetest gals ever...



Hi Joy Happy Aloha friday!

You deserves all the blog awards. Your creations are amazing and truly an inspiration. Thank you for sharing.

I have another award for you, check out my blog.

Have a great weekend!



THANK YOU VERY MUCH, JOY! I am touched you included me. YOU are the one who helped me along the way and continue with your lovely comments and your ideals about life. I truly admire your spirit and outlook on life itself, besides your crafting talent and sharing. Have a wonderful Mother's Day! And, thanks for being YOU! Love and hugs, Cami

Michelle Ueligitone

Thanks Joy! You are the very best bff ever! Hopefully I will be good for our Sunday game and I will bring all your stuff and the directions for the accordian box too. TTYL!

joni h

Great raks! Thanks for the award, but, you're the inspiration (not me!)! Have a great weekend!


Hey Joy!! Whoohoo! Congratulations on your award!! You are so deserving of such a lovely award! You're not only a fabulous artist but a beautiful person!!

Thank you for including me. . .I really am honored and appreciative that you thought of me!!



Such a well deserved award Joy, your a sweetie! And wow, thanks for including me, big hugs from Idaho!


Joy, Thank you for thinking of me... you always do and you are always so sweet!!
You deserve this award and all the others!!


Thank You Joy for thinking of me. You are the greatest. You have inspired me too. I really admire your creations and they are so lovely but it's hard to keep up with you. I don't know how you do it. When do you find the time? You are in fast paste with your work and you do such a good job.



OMG - I'm so embarrased! I didn't thank you for this sweet award! THANK YOU, Joy, for thinking of me! But you, girl, are definitely an inspiration to me - you're a great mom and such a great blogging sistah! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful creations! Can't wait till we can all get together and play! Hugs, Linda


Hi Joy, sorry I've been so busy but thank you so very much. And you deserve this award. You inpired me with your awesome creativity and you're a cool mom. Thanks again for always leaving comment on my blog.....I really do appreciate and always looks forward to what you guys think. Hugs,Lynn

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