Monday, April 13, 2009

Calling all DIVAS...

here's the start of the morning...we are decorating the garage and getting ready for the day! We used paper flowers, butterflies and balloons! We also made some hats out of grocery bags which we hung on the line! This was my daughter's "diva" party! She invited a few of her friends to come over and be pampered! They got their nails (finger and toes) done (by Michelle, Wini & Freida), their hair (by Teri), the artist who drew pictures & their names (by Albert), foot bath (by Mary & Julie) and they got to make their names on bracelets!

here are the favors for the girls...
Jenna, Mary, Julie & Jeilynne...
Albert, Amara & Michelle...
Taelyn (birthday girl), grandma, me & Wini...
here's the birthday girl...all dressed up and having a good time... here are all the girls wishing her a happy birthday as she blows out her candles!
Aunty Teri...
the girls with their hair, nails and all dressed up...
here they have their hats on!
we all had a wonderful time...they are so cute all dressed up!
my daughter had a blast!
thank you for stopping by to see what we did over the weekend...I will be posting more things that were made for the party. hope everyone has a great week!



Joy! Looks like the party was fantastic!! Taelyn looks like she had lots of fun and boy were you busy with all the goodies for the girls. =) A fun day for pampering and relaxation. Wouldn't that be nice everyday. LOL!
Jodi =)


Wow, looks like you folks had a lot of fun!! Jamee said we should of crashed the party! LOL


Looks everybody had a very nice time! The favors look so cute! So beautiful decoration :)


Wow! You were so busy making this a special day for your daughter. Great job I'm sure she greatly appreciated. This is a great idea for a young girl's birthday. Getting pampered. Now it's your turn. LOL. Have a great day!



Awww, they are all sooo adorable! I really love the paper bag hats! So cute! Y'all seem so happy and that you had a blast :)


Looks like the party was so much fun!!! I love all of the party elements and the girls look very happy and Diva-like!!! Great job on everything Joy!!


WOW! Looks like the party is great and so much fun. They're all so cute!!! You did a fabulous job on everything, yes I love everything!!! Thank you for sharing!


What a fun party! =) They all look so cute with their boas. You did a great job with all of the goodie bags and favors. Hope you have a great week!!



Wow, such a great Mom & friends to throw such a FUN party for your daughter.


Super WOW... gosh I wish I had a craftee mom who would've thrown me a super fun craftee party. The whole party looked like it was the best ever. your daughter is so so pretty... And Michelle's Amara is so so adorable...


What a special day you created for her...looks like so much fun and that cake looks so yummy! Wonderful pics, thanks for sharing. ~Hugs

Ethan Mashimo

way cute ideas.



Oh my gosh, how fun Joy!! Looks like everyone had a fun time. . .I love all your photos. . the girls are adorable and gorjuss! LOL!

Well, Taelyn looks like she had a blast and I'm happy for her!! I used to throw these sort of parties for my daughter when she was younger. . .makes me wanna have another child!! LOL!!



Hi Joy! Wow...looks like everyone had a blast! They look so adorable all made up! =)


Joy, congrats to you for being the super Mom that you are. Taelyn will always cherish the love you put into her life for her and with her friends. You did a fantastic job planning her party and decorating it to the hilt! She looks so happy and so pretty and you'll always cherish this moment. You're one heck of a gal! Hugs, Cami


Thanks for sharing the pics, Joy! I can't stop smiling! Taelyn looked so very happy and I know she'll remember this day forever! You're a super MOM for doing this for your little girl! Take care and God Bless!

joni h

So cute! I love the hats! Happy bday to your daughter.


Happy Birthday, Taelyn!!! Looks like your mommy did a fantastic job putting a a wonderful party for you...lucky you!

Michelle Ueligitone

Thank you Joy for the party, it was so much fun. You always are so thoughtful, and yes I will miss you too! You know I will have to call from the mainland and vent to you, lol! I want you to know that your friendship means so much to me! When I hit JoAnn's, Michaels, etc. I will call you with what I find, lol! See you when I get back and I hope our coed team keeps the winning streak alive!

Tracy.H fun does that party look!? Who's idea where those paperbag hats?? Those are too cute!! :0)


Your daughter looks like she and her friends are having so much fun! It shows in their smiles. Those hats are adorable. You are one fabulous mom!


So cute!! How fun... boys no more parties like that. LOL!!! Glad your Taelyn was spoiled with love and smiles!!!



OMG This sounds like an even better to throw then a tea party!

My daughter wants a Tea Party for her fourth birthday, but I just might run this by her, she'll like the sounds of this theme: Glamour Girl DIVA!!!

I just love those hats FREE; how do you make them and what is needed to complete them like that?

Great Job with everything.

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