Sunday, March 8, 2009

Twist box...

Last night...I ended up staying at Teri's house, after the class and we got to hang out and make a few things...I was asked to figure out how to make this box...if anyone knows what this box is called, please let me know and whoever created it...I would like to give proper credit. So after trial and error...I think I got it! so I left my sample with Teri and I went home and first thing this morning, I made one for my BFF of course...her fav. is pink and brown, so I tried to use those colors. I also was blessed to get some stamped images from Teri I could use that little girl holding the bunny from whipper snapper as the picture in the shaker box.
I decided to use the CS and DP from Papertrey Ink. there was an acetate window on the box, but I decided to make it into a shaker you already know I love shaker boxes! I used the 1 3/8" circle punch and I punched out the middle of the scallop punch to make the frame around the circle. the sheer brown ribbon is from Wal-mart.
here's a close up of my shaker box =) I used my pink and brown microbeads from Cute Stuff to use as the filler. the sentiment is a hero art stamp from J's.
so I decided to really decorate the sides of each of the box...
I had the butterfly punches and used the stamp set "only ovals from SU.
here's a new set from SU called: simple friendship.
I love this stamp set!
here's a mixture of sentiment stamps with the 2 different sizes of butterfly punches. I also used pearl bling to make the body of the butterfly stand out!
if you open up the box...this is what it supposed to look like. it's pretty amazing what it looks like when it opens up vs. when it is closed.
here's the top when the box is closed.
here's what the top looks like when the box is open.

once you make's easy to make. It just looks hard because there are a lot of steps involved. you have lots of scoring and some cutting, but this is all made out of one sheet of 8 1/2" x 11" CS! I am proud of myself of what I actually accomplished!

hope everyone is having a good Sunday!
have a great week!
thanks for stopping by and leaving me such wonderful comments! I really do appreciate the kind, encouraging and supportive comments left for me.




These are so pretty. Love the way you embillished them.

Michelle Ueligitone

OMG I love mine! I had to make sure that I could get it out of Amara's hands before she tried to sleep with it, lol! I know, if only 1 of my 1000 shots would have gotten past their she/man, we could have won. Jeez, I really sucked, lol!


SWEET boxes...


So glad you were able to figure it out, when Teri and I were at regionals, someone asked her to see if she could remake it. GREAT job JOY!!
Jodi =)


TOTALLY how you made one side a shaker part..too cute..TFS


So beautiful boxes!!!
I tried to make a shaker card. So thanks for the inspiration Joy :)


Love the box! :)


You're a genius! I can't believe that you got the measurements perfect and re-created this box! I had so much fun with you and Tae hanging out with us! See you sometime this week!


Wowee! This box looks awesome... wish I could get a closer look...! And so cute how you decorated it with a shaker box too. Oh, and I just love the fresh new look of your blog!


Hey Joy! wow, how fun to hang out at Teri's house. I probably would talk more than create! LOL! I have that problem when I get together with people. The problem is I can't talk and create at the same time. LOL!

Love your shaker box box, Oh, it's so cute. . .so cool that you were able to figure it out. I never saw this project before so I can't help you. . .since you figured it out yourself, I think you can call it your own.



Love your box. Great job! Now all I need to do is somehow transport your talent into me. Wishful thinking. Thanks for sharing.



I can't believe you figured it out. I have a sample of one that a customer left for me to figure out and I never did. Hope you do a tutorial on in. It's really cute though!


Joy, your box is gorgeous! I love the color combo, the butterfly and how you tied the ribbon. You did an awesome job!


Cute lil box! Love the colors :)

OME! I also love your new bloggy makeover - sooo pretty :)


These are so adorable. Love the boxes. Great job! You need to teach me how you did this. Also I just love the colors you use, my favorite pink and brown.


Islander Girl

Oooh pretty box! Love how you incorporated your shaker box in it! You're such a creative person!

Have a happy Wednesday!


Paper Kisses

WOW Joy this is so cute! Love the new look of your page too, did you get the stamps too? I just got my Gorjus Girl stamps last week and have been playing but haven't uploaded my pix yet. Have an awesome day!


Wow Joy! This is such a sweet RAK! =) Hope you're having a great weekend.

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