Monday, March 16, 2009

Music on my blog...

I have been asked where I got my music from and the name of the artist/song...I have no idea, but, I went to my slide show and there you can pick I decided instead of having a song with words, I would choose music that was relaxing, soothing and easy to listen to. It stated that it's music from a piano (instrumental) from You Tube and the comments made were that the music is from: Utada Hikaru-First Love (japanese). I hope that helps the ones who asked. I hope you all can enjoy the music. Have a great Monday!
(ps...Thanks to Maria from Stampin' Inspirations...she knew this song right away!)



LOL! That's funny that I knew the song right away! I thought you chose it because you like Japanese music. Gosh, I love this song and listen to it all the time so I knew right away when I heard it. Japanese/Korean/Taiwanese have such pretty pop songs. . don't understand a single word they're singing but that's okay.

Actually First Love have some English parts.


Islander Girl

Hey, I knew this song also! LOL! I love Utada's song. But mainly I'm old school Japanese music the likes of Matsuda Seiko, Hayami You...

For those that don't know, there is an English version of First Love by Jessie Zaragoza. But I still love the Japanese one so much more!


Thanks, Joy, I was even able to download the sheet music too! Love the instrumental version you used.


I LOVE this song! Just listened. My kids both play piano and I cannot wait for them to hear. THanks for letting me know source!


Love the music, just my speed!


Oh my gudness I have the cd of this song. hehehehe Maria is funny....

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